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I was wondering if it were possible (and legal) to make a backup copy of Snow Leopard? If so would I have to jump through many hoops to make it bootable like the original disc?
I think this bit by Dieter Rams is relevant. "Good design is concerned with the environment. Design must contribute towards a stable environment and a sensible use of raw materials. This means considering not only actual pollution, but also the visual pollution and destruction of our environment."
I noticed the job posting a couple of months back for a New York store in the 10023 area code, but I didn't want to say anything since I was looking, okay still am, for a job. Thought I could better my chances...
I may be reading this wrong or misunderstanding but here goes: I think this was the reason that we haven't seen video. For photo it has the photo application and they needed, well wanted, to do something similar for video, and taking it a step further by allowing editing. I've used the "video editing" if they can be called that, features on some phones, and they are more or less unusable. I think this is what Apple is trying to improve on the iPhone.
I think the new Shuffle is quite awesome, though it took some getting used to compare to the previous versions. It's good to see that it did well.
So I was fortunate enough to run into a Power Mac G5 in the trash (well not in the trash but on the curb). The computer itself turns on and the fans go on. The light on the power button lights up, and there is a red light on the board that goes on. Unfortunately it was missing a video card and RAM. I was able to borrow a spare video card until I determine whether this monster works or not, but haven't had luck with the RAM. So I installed the video card (Radeon 9600 AGP)....
One completely unscientific, interesting factor to consider: An old dead Mac is worth more when reselling than a working similarly aged PC.
The KVM switches I've seen seemed like over kill. I'm trying to find a USB switch but that hasn't been fruitful. Sigh I'm pretty sure there has to be an elegant way to do this.
For space and nostalgia considerations, I have an iMac G3 and a G4 Cube on the same desk. I am trying to think of an efficient way to have both computers using only one set of keyboard and mouse (to save space more than anything). On one hand I could get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and use a dongle, keeping the wired keyboard/mouse I have on one of the Macs, but I want to avoid that, if only because I wouldn't have a place to put the wireless keyboard when not in use....
My unscientific experience: I don't think GMail POP ever worked for Mail 1.3 They seem to have no longer use the same setup for Mail 2.whatever, since I just went back to Tiger and I can't send mail from Mail, but I can receive it....
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