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Technically, shouldn't it be for the "end sarcasm" tag?    
Huh.  That actually works.  Cool.
Ditto!  iPad to the rescue!!
I'm still getting this:   o
By the way.... this link still stalls and hangs the page.   http://tags.expo9.exponential.com/tags/AppleInsider/ROS/tags.js
I found a solution:     I just get my Apple news elsewhere now.     Cheers.
For several days now, the main page hangs on load.   Eventually the hanging link times out but it is rather frustrating.   I have noted the link that hangs below.   Hopefully it can be fixed soon.  The long delays loading are tiresome.   Is anyone else experiencing this?   Doc     Link that hangs:   http://tags.expo9.exponential.com/tags/AppleInsider/ROS/tags.js
There's an injection for that?
I did buy two! Waited in line on June 29th and everthing. I am not sore about it at all. You can't be an early adopter and complain about things like that. Now my question is this. If you were blessed with a crystal ball and you "knew" that the price was going to drop by $200 in 10 weeks, would you have waited? I would have still been in line and bought two. I had to have them. That's that.
New Posts  All Forums: