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It is something new.  My iPhone and iPad are fine but when my wife restored her iPad, the google exchange stopped pushing.  It is a known issue and she is now looking for a new host for our family emails.  You are like me, a heritage user till you restore or upgrade.
Google is a rival to Apple.  A trojan horse should not surprise anyone.  Google no longer pushes there mail service to the iOS mail app on our i-devices.  Funny as these things have been done before.  How many of you know that we can thank Bill Gates and Microsoft for the second coming of Steve Jobs to Apple?   There was a time when Netscape and Microsoft were in a war for web browser dominance.  At that time Microsoft made internet explorer for the Mac.  Little did...
FYI Max Go also got updated like HBO. Can an icon for Apple TV be coming soon?
go to http://www.passsource.com
I am installing now. I had 4.6 GB free on my 32gb 4S. I am wondering how much free space I will have after I am upgraded.
 Thanks for the input. I said the hell with it and ported my numbers to AT&T. I could not justify paying a bunch of $ to Verizon. I am an iPhone user and who provides me the best service and price gets my money.
This new plan sucks.  My current plan is four unlimited iPhones and 700 minutes w/o text.  Cost after discounts is $190.  A new plan would be unlimited minutes and text (little or no value) and 10GB of data for the four lines to share for $240.  I will pay $50 more and get less.  So, over two years, I will pay $1200 more for service.  If I can buy new phones without subsidy, the extra cost is $450 x 4 or $1800.  Does anyone know if you can go from 3g to LTE after 6-28-12...
The iPhone map app is very old.  The google maps on the Android is just way better.  I for one, can't wait for the iPhone map update.  
 I hear you but I would warn everyone that LTE rocks. I have the new ipad with LTE data and have been using upwards of 18 gigs. If i can pay full price for the new iPhone and keep my unlimited data, is a no brainer. The key thing here is LTE opens up the hose to a lot of data and you will blow past 3gigs in no time.
Our military live on tight budgets and recently there was a piece on the rip off of the pay phones in Germany for our soldiers to call home. Glad they are doing it but still hate AT&T for their crappy service. Both my iPad and iPhone use unlimited data from Verizon.
New Posts  All Forums: