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The question here is, does the app store in those countries put their apps through the same rigorous validation as those in the U.S. If that answer is NO, then, in my opinion, Apple needs to ban those countries that have shown an all-in-out disrespect for the reviewal process and those users who are using those apps. Better yet, only allow apps that are made in the U.S. be accessed by U.S. customers.
When I first read this, I was concerned for the iPad Pro. Then, I realized: - It's made BY Microsoft. - It runs Windows. Then I felt better :-)
Just move them to another folder OR get bigger storage. Simple as that.
I agree with elmoofo, the new iPhoto is nowhere near a product that would replace Aperture. I actually hate it. It's very hard to use, organize, and even keep track of any of your photos. BAD MOVE, APPLE!
I am very surprised that this and other web sites are even giving this story the light of day. Why would Apple call something with a "C" at the end? And, when have you known for the company to use cheap plastic packaging for something as important as an iPhone?
Did Cook even know about this before this moron put this into effect???  Fire his a*s, NOW!
Hmmm...  Let's see...   1 iPad + 1 Bluetooth Keyboard = Apple's version of Microsoft Surface.   Check, check, and check.
Let's not forget why AT&T is really doing this: If their network did not stink so much and have trouble with keeping up with its customers AND not having to deal with constant dropped calls, maybe they wouldn't have to take the unlimited usage away. Apple PLEASE go to other providers so AT&T will have no choice but to modify there data usage plan again. Dan
Sorry guys, but the video does not look real to me - look at the bottom of the computer - to many "accessible" screws and it looks cheap. Not something that Apple would make. Dan
Buying a Kindle from Amazon.com : $400.00 Downloading an iPhone app to read Kindle books : FREE. Which would you choose? Dan
New Posts  All Forums: