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This made me smile. And actually endeared me to Sony as it came across as tongue in cheek to me. But then I am a PS4 owner/user/gamer as well as an AppleManiac.
The battery in my 6+ is already fantastic for my needs. Thinner means less volume so easier to carry on my person/ in my pocket. Strength of the casing is more important though (to me).
Possibly. I now have a son myself so we'll be watching them together soon.It'll be interesting to see what he makes of them and what I make of them having not seen them in years.
I was 9 in '77, taken to cinema and found it boring.
I never liked Star Wars though am a big Sci-Fi fan. This does look really cool though. But on reflection I think it doesn't do much and could quickly get boring.
Makes AppleWatch seem inexpensive in comparison.
This is a great feature. I hope NetFlix follow suit. I would use this on the daily train commute but I'm not subscribing to Amazon as long as they make Android devices.
Wow what a load of bull he speaks. We were promised hover boards 30 years ago and he reckons we'll have a pool of self-driving cars to hail in 18 months time. Lmfao
I think 16, 64, 128 was/is dumb. I get that they might want a cheaper/less-storage option for business but 16gb is too small nowadays. It should be 64, 128, 256 I know there's app slicing etc in iOS9 but that's gonna take time to filter into real world app-store apps. Anyone buying a 16gb is not gonna have a great experience and they're likely the price conscious people coming from android that otherwise would see a big positive. I think this is a case where AAPL should...
As an SS Apple Watch owner I can't fathom who would buy these fugly cases, or any cases to be honest.
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