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Looks like a cheap piece of irrelevant tat to me. This is good for Apple.
Wow! Common sense prevails sometimes I guess.
I wonder what the wifi range is like. I have a LibraTone Zipp which looks nicer than this but it's wifi range lets it down.
This made me smile. And actually endeared me to Sony as it came across as tongue in cheek to me. But then I am a PS4 owner/user/gamer as well as an AppleManiac.
The battery in my 6+ is already fantastic for my needs. Thinner means less volume so easier to carry on my person/ in my pocket. Strength of the casing is more important though (to me).
Possibly. I now have a son myself so we'll be watching them together soon.It'll be interesting to see what he makes of them and what I make of them having not seen them in years.
I was 9 in '77, taken to cinema and found it boring.
I never liked Star Wars though am a big Sci-Fi fan. This does look really cool though. But on reflection I think it doesn't do much and could quickly get boring.
Makes AppleWatch seem inexpensive in comparison.
This is a great feature. I hope NetFlix follow suit. I would use this on the daily train commute but I'm not subscribing to Amazon as long as they make Android devices.
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