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Wow what a load of bull he speaks. We were promised hover boards 30 years ago and he reckons we'll have a pool of self-driving cars to hail in 18 months time. Lmfao
I think 16, 64, 128 was/is dumb. I get that they might want a cheaper/less-storage option for business but 16gb is too small nowadays. It should be 64, 128, 256 I know there's app slicing etc in iOS9 but that's gonna take time to filter into real world app-store apps. Anyone buying a 16gb is not gonna have a great experience and they're likely the price conscious people coming from android that otherwise would see a big positive. I think this is a case where AAPL should...
As an SS Apple Watch owner I can't fathom who would buy these fugly cases, or any cases to be honest.
It tells me to setup passbook when it's already setup. Maybe it's just not recognising the location I use.
Gosh that is an ugly assed watch from Fossil. It makes me realise now nice the AppleWatch actually is.
I hope AppleMusic does well because I want Apple succeed wherever they tread (being an AAPL stockholder). But for me personally I don't get it. The cost is effectively double what I pay for my TV content each month (NetFlix). I dislike radio generally and I already have too much music that I do like for iTunes Match to be of use (their collection size limit is too low). I would be interested in the stuff they provide to artists to touch base with their fans (when bands...
I'm not surprised to be honest. If the Starbucks Apple Watch app actually worked I'd be using it daily instead of using my iPhone.
A great many people upgrade every two years. Many of them choose to upgrade to S models for the speed bump. Other upgeade every year. The thing is, the current 6/6+ line-up are so good I think maybe less people will upgrade from 6/6+ this year than previously. Then again, nah why wait if you don't have to Still loads of iPhone4S/5/5S users to upgrade though
Apple should just jetison any significant apps that compete with their own products. I say ban Google Maps and Spotify from the app-store. To be honest they should ban any ad networks other than iAd too. It's Apple's app store and they should be able to do what they want with it and make all the rules for it. Buying an iPhone does not automatically entitle someone to have a native app for a competing service on that iPhone, let them have a crappy web app experience...
Apple should just ban any and all apps that directly compete such as spotify. It would be no different to not allowing other apps that replicate functionality already present. No-one has a right to be able to put an app in Apple's app store, especially a competitor. Let spotify users use a web version istead (in mobile safari on their iphone if they want).
New Posts  All Forums: