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 Some of us Limeys would actually like that
It's good but unfortunately this is only for apps intended for the public app-store submission and the first version of the app has to be reviewed by Apple first. Minor subsequent revisions don't need Apple review. Those developing enterprise apps can't use this so I'm waiting and wondering what will happen to the testFlightapp.com service. Might have to move to hockeyapp.net.
The designers/developers of this and the previous app are pretty poor at their job. The minimum requirements for this app should include landscape mode. And when I choose to view comments it should show me only the comments not load the entire web page in a webview. The app is embarassingly bad really and given that it just loads web pages offers nothing of value/use to me beyond viewing the website in safari. If AI made a good native app that is not full of webviews...
 I think you want a tablet that is not a tablet and likely don't "get it". I suggest you use a laptop as that is what you really want. MacBook Air would likely be your best choice.
Apple has always built hardware that lasts a long time if you need/want it to. Macs have always lasted a lot longer than Windows PCs.   Heck my other half had an iPhone 4 and was happy with it, she only upgraded when I bought her an iPhone 6 recently. I have an iPhone4S but have also bought myself an iPhone6+ (I think I'll keep and use both : taking with me the one that best suits my purposes and attire). I think iPhones are the most personal of devices Apple ships at...
 That's what I did for my Dad's iPad here in the UK (cheap data only sim from EE : it was a non advertised sim/offer and had to ask if they did it).
iPhones bought off-plan from Apple direct should come with these sims! Also it should be possible to buy these sims from Apple!
Icann only cares about his own stock. Investors like me care as much or more about the company than the stock. I think increasing the dividend might be a better move, but Tim knows far better than the likes of me (or Icann).
Lol, almost. It's a retina lc475! Go Team!Too long? Gotta be retina iMacs. Can't see it being AppleTV given recent sw updates for current one.Then again... A Siri controlled AppleTV? That would tie-in with last month's "wish we could say more"...
For me the perfect size for a pocketable phone is 3.5 inch. I have a 4s and the missus a 4. I found the aspect ratio of the 5/5c/5s to be just wrong. When Apple released the 5 it was as though they did it to appease the critics calling for large iphones. I buy iphones from Apple stores off-contract. So they lost out on 4 sales from me in 2012 & 2013. This year it appears they have gone further away from their principles still by only having the new tech in even larger...
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