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 In the demo I'm sure a song was played that was said to be stored on the watch. edit: From the Apple.com/watch site: "when you leave iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on Apple Watch".
I like it. I don't care for the round/square debate. For me Apple made the right call as it is. The correct shape/form for a device that is so much more than a timepiece. I'd buy it even if it didn't tell the time as that's not primarily what I want it for. I primarily want it for the Health/Fitness aspect but also to use in conjunction with my iPhone6. Wish it had more sensors but maybe subsequent ones will. I will buy at least one for myself and more than one strap.
 And in addition only apps aimed at going in the public app store can use the new Test Flight. So no B to B or enterprise use :(Thankfully we still have hockeyapp.net
I think people have to the option to upgrade Apple devices far less often than the alternatives. This is because Apple hardware is high quality and lasts longer.   My previous MBP I had and used for 6 years. I reckon my brother upgraded his PC alternative each year at greeter cost overall and lesser user experience for sure.   I bet iPhone and iPad users also upgrade less often. My current iPhone is a 4s and my other half's is a 4! They both do exactly what we need...
So basically they still don't "get it".
 Here in the United Kingdom there is a vast shortage of iOS developers. Jobs for iOS developers can go unfilled for months on end. If a developer here can make iOS Objective-C apps then they can easily get a great job on a great salary. Junior developers with very little experience can command a salary equivalent to the national average salary. Experienced middle-weight developers can command salaries twice the national average and contractors can expect renumeration...
This should be full page in everyday newspapers imho.
 I'd rather Apple continue to design good looking products primarily for users who take care of their products.  Me and my extended family have had iPhones for quite a few years now and have never had a problem with any of them! Even the 3g and 3gs are still in daily use with no problems, no cracked glass or anything. There is no design problem. There are idiotic people out there though and they own devices made by all kinds of manufacturers and don't look after them. The...
I'll be upgrading my iphone4s and my other halfs iphone4.   Probably the larger one for me and the smaller one for the lady of the house, but that depends on if I can fit it in my non-skinny jeans front pocket easily enough. I didn't buy a 5 or a 5s as I didn't want something bigger due to the pockets issue. But my eyes are starting to demand a larger screen. Might have to go with an iPhone case with a chain and use back pocket.   When new iPad comes out I'll be...
How silly, they must know that most iPhone users like me charge overnight and never run out of power.
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