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You're not. The old version is still really great so it will be a sad loss.I've used it a lot in Enterprise but the new integrated one cannot be used for enterprise.Not everyone wants to use an MDM thtoughout development and testing.Often it's best to leave MDM until the app is a formal release, especially in larger organisations where the MDM is handled by a different department to the dev team.The new iTunes version of TestFlight is only for apps going in the public app...
I just read upon the Alpine ILX-007 and it sounds like exactly what I want for my next car. I specifically want something that does not support any flavour/variant of android. I don't want android in my house and I don't want it in my car.
I think Fuckerberg is an imbecile if he doesn't realise that Apple products are dirt cheap for what you get. Not free but a lot cheaper than the alternatives when it comes to actual real world value and length of life. I can't believe people get suckered into £50 a month 2 year contracts for Samscum crap when they could buy Apple products outright get a cheap payg plan and have a phone still worth something even upto 4 years later. As for FaceBook I still aint going to get...
Wado Ryu Karate -  If I'm lucky I'll get away with the watch when not doing partner work. Otherwise it'll only be for solitary training :DWado Ryu Karate -  If I'm lucky I'll get away with the watch when not doing partner work. Otherwise it'll only be for solitary training :D 
My iPhone6+ is my pocketed portable device. My iPad is for use in the lounge (and the AppleTV). My MacBook is my powerful portable for use at a table or desk at home, office or coffee shop. My iMac is my non-portable for use in my office. My Apple Watch will be primarily for when I'm in the dojo, or out running. It will also reduce the number of times my iPhone needs to leave my pocket when walking, shopping, communicating while out and about etc. Different devices for...
To be honest I think it's irrelevant, Samsung Mobile are doomed either way. They'll end up treading water (making and shipping devices but with little or no profits) with the rest of the non-Apple crowd.
Before 6 I always used a screen protector and leather slip cases. With the 6 & 6+ I don't bother. Both new iPhones are kept in flip wallet type cases (Pad&Quill) and no scratches whatsoever. I miss holding the device in my hand with no case/wallet though. I too wonder if there are some QC issues. That said, an iPhone cannot scratch unless something is scraped across it's surface - take responsibility for your possessions people! If I scratched my iPhone by putting it in a...
Could be useful to take files with me to remote areas with no wifi or cellular. Btw I buy the largest storage capacity devices (ipad/iphone) and still do not have enough storage. I'll be interested to see what video codecs are supported.
I'm finding it pretty hard to comprehend how incredible AAPl are right now and we can only imagine the incredible roadmap ahead.
 Some of us Limeys would actually like that
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