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A lot of people seem to be down on the Apple Watch purely because it doesn't have gps. But if you don't run or cycle then you don't need gps. I'm not an avid runner or cyclist myself but even if I was I wouldn't care about gps. The Apple Watch can track distance, heart rate etc. I don't get why someone needs to record where they ran/cycled - I only care about how much of and what type of activity I do. The Apple Watch does all I need and want without an iPhone being...
This could be a good companion to an Apple Watch for some. I much preferred the 3.5" device size to the 4". That's why I skipped the 5/5s/5c alltogether. So hopefully a 4" screen in a smaller device size - e.g. a 4s size device with a 4" screen.
These are going to make the Apple Watch look like a bargain.
Has anyone else noticed that the "what's in the box" for the Apple Watch Sport says there are two straps in the box?
In my opinion the entire article is complete nonsense. I know many iPhone & iPad owners and none of them have any problems of this type. Sounds like the article author has this problem or knows some that do, but that doesn't mean that even 0.001% of iOS users do.    If I buy a Windows PC with 12TB raid storage, do Microsoft or Dell provide me with 12TB of cloud storage?
 Very seriously. $350 /£350 for a watch. Less than a dollar/pound a day (excluding trade-in / re-sale value as noted by Sog35).  A lot of people spend 3 times that each day on the way to work buying a coffee in Costa/Starbucks.A new Apple Watch each year is much cheaper than a monthly subscription to Sky TV for another example. And no, I'm not rich (I drive a 12 year old car, have mortgage and work for a living).I know teachers that earn more than me, and they can afford...
I'm not rich, but I can see me buying a new Apple Watch every year if they bring new functionality each year. I think when people get an Apple Watch they're gonna love it and it will become as unthinkable to go out without it as it is their iPhone. I reckon Apple will have a hard time making enough Apple Watches to be honest. I have a 6+ and am even considering getting it's successor this year and I buy iPhones outright not on a contract. As for AAPL well my dividends...
Hopefully we'll be able to pre-order Apple Watches in March..,
I don't think our household would be happy without iPhones, iPads, Laptops and Desktops. They all get lots of use in different ways by different family members. I know it's off-topic but today I was also wondering if I could use an AppleTV with a Thunderbolt display (the display would replace the monitor we currently use for TV - unfortunately no HDMI input on TB display).
You're not. The old version is still really great so it will be a sad loss.I've used it a lot in Enterprise but the new integrated one cannot be used for enterprise.Not everyone wants to use an MDM thtoughout development and testing.Often it's best to leave MDM until the app is a formal release, especially in larger organisations where the MDM is handled by a different department to the dev team.The new iTunes version of TestFlight is only for apps going in the public app...
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