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If a plasma tv, make sure it's a Panasonic, and buy it before they stop making plasma panels.If you only want a small display get an iMac to use as a TV.Otherwise buy a JVC projector :DOf course, I'm assuming there won't be an AppleTV with a monitor built in.
 Nonsense. I want a full size iPad with an A7 or A7+ 
 Well I'm hoping for an A7 or A7X iPad (large). If that happens I'll buy that instead of a PS4 for gaming.
IT teams can easily block iOS updates even if devices are used off-campus. I'm very surprised they didn't think this was a good idea and a priority prior to launch? Surely they're providing iPads for a specific function to work with specific apps etc. How did they know that an iOS update wouldn't prevent the required apps working? They didn't, so they should have prevented iOS updates. Do they allow students to upgrade the versions of windows on the school PCs? They...
MS has a big role to play in the future of computing? That's what is unbelievable.
Apple should build a real babelfish device that doesn't need an internet connection, i.e. build it into iOS.
I'm really happy that Apple are protecting the brand, it's values and it's public perception by not releasing a piece of cheap rubbish. I can see that the 5C is priced really close to the 5S, but to me it makes the 5S look inexpensive. I think Apple will have a hard time manufacturing enough 5S to keep up with demand from the likes of me. I also think that the 5C will also be a massive hit though, just for a different target audience: those not obsessed with specs, who...
The 5c is going to sell and sell and sell. It's so gorgeous looking, I was thinking about getting one myself; until I saw how fantastic the 5s is. I kinda wish you could get the 5s in the same colours/shell/case as the 5c, but I think regular folk are gonna just be all over the 5c as it stands.   On a related note, in the past few weeks I've noticed a lot of people who have moved from another platform to iOS getting an iPhone5 as their first iPhone, I'm guessing people...
It's shaping up to be an interesting winter for hardware releases.   I can't see the app-store being added for AppleTv when one can simply AirPlay to it. The bluetooth controllers we will soon have should make iOS gaming pretty neat though. That's only for casual gaming though, not full-blown gaming.   As for consoles, MS seem intent on going further with a one-box-does-everything premise than even Sony tired with the PS3. The problem is that, it didn't work for Sony...
  What if I don't have a PC or Mac? And even if I did, if I buy it from Steam can I play it on my iPad whilst sat in the shed at the bottom of my garden? I reckon something/one else is really stupid.
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