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Who knows, maybe Apple will release an iPhone without storage, i.e. just a phone no app store. People on low incomes who can't afford a smartphone don't buy from apps or from iTunes anyway so why give them storage space for things they don't need.
It sounds like this app isn't really an app as it doesn't actually offer any real functionality and should be just a website.
I for one hope we get a new 3.5" iPhone.
I see nothing wrong with Apple' recent rule change. I much prefer to keep one app-store and it's store front rather than a bunch of other people creating competing store-fronts for the app-store. I see this as normal Apple behaviour to protect and control the user experience ensuring consistency. I'm sure Apple could do more to enhance the app-store though to foster better app discovery.
I can see where this guy's coming from, but I think he's wrong. In my opinion, where it mattered to me, the upgrade to the 3GS was a bigger jump than to the 3G, and the same applied to the 4S : which is why I paid cash (i.e. no contract) for the top of the line 4S model on release and expect to do the same for the 5S. Mind you these devices are becoming so powerful (with a longer useable lifespan) that I would have a hard time justifying upgrading from the 4 or the 4S if...
So why don't ReDigi just create an application for their users that actually transfers files instead of relying on users copying and then deleting the original? It should be easy to create an application that does actually "transfer" files bit by bit.
rob53, that's a cool idea and Apple should implement that as a feature. I also see this as useful for home/work use, e.g. specific reminders when I walk into my home office, versus reminders when I walk into my bedroom, or work office or meeting rooms : down to the room level not just the current wifi "address". I currently use location-based reminders but I wish they were more location-precise.
Surely the recent VESA wall-mounted iMac is the current Apple TV' display and it is fed content from the Apple TV box (HULU/iTunes/NetFlix etc), the iPad, the iPhone etc. Next I just want a decent sized display with VESA mounting (40" minimum) : it doesn't need to be an iMac it could be just a new thunderbolt display.
I still wish Apple would would ban all ad networks on iOS other than iAds.
Whilst I Like LeapMotion (I have a developer version), but I think this is quite different. It probably won't have as fine grained control possibilities, but equally you don't have to be very near the mac and sitting at a desk, and it will work with iOS / AirPlay Price looks high when Leap Motion can be pre-ordered for $70 though.
New Posts  All Forums: