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This is ridiculous. Ace Metrix do not know the real purpose/aim of these ads but you can bet Apple are not creating these ads aimed purely (possibly not even remotely) at the "viewer scores" determined by Ace Metrix. Until we know for a fact what Apple's aims are and can reliably determine a particular ads effectiveness against those/that specific criteria then the whole process of trying to determine effectiveness is futile. There are many reasons for creating ads and...
 Thanks for being the first person to provide something balanced to this thread.
hmm... audio equipment may be an Apple' weak area so there may be some credence. For example Apple head/ear-phones are poor compared to the Etymotic Pro ones I use. That said, it might simply be choice on Apple' part so far, maybe they don't want to make premium quality head/ear-phones. However, I think Beats equipment sucks the big one so I hope it's not true.
 Hmm. I reckon a large part of the run-away success of the iPhone and why we will continue to see it's ever increasing lead over it's competitors where it matters (where the money is) is because of the absence of these kind of things that most people don't want or need and everyone can do without due to system security. Also, as far as I (and many others judging by the sales numbers) am concerned the iPhone is not expensive, it is very cheap for what it gives me compared...
I still think the primary reason people buy android is low-cost. Sure, there are people who buy anything except Apple as they still believe that Apple are expensive. They don't realise that in real-terms (actual value obtained from the eco-system and length of life) Apple equipment is much cheaper than the alternatives. As a case in point, my last MacBook Pro lasted me over six years before I had to upgrade (I only had to upgrade as I needed the latest iOS SDK). It's...
Seems perfectly sensible to me.   Apple won't let you sell an app in the app-store that duplicates existing iPhone functionality so why would they allow people to use their platform to advertise a competing service that duplicates existing eco-system functionality. I don't expect Apple to allow Amazon to advertise their MP3 store via iAds either.    I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Apple should also ban all ad networks on iOS other than iAds.
Apple should just ban any advertising platform from iOS except iAds
All my equipment (iPhones/iPads/MBP) is purchased with income from iAds :) My dividends are set to automatically reinvest in more AAPL :)
I've used an S4 and I didn't get the impression it was "smart phone". I guess somethings are subjective as to me it was far inferior to an iPhone 4s.
Whether you agree with the law or not, Apple should pay the tax it owes in a timely manner in countries it decides to do business in. If they disagree with the law then they should tackle that separately. I can't imagine the tax man would be happy if I decided to not pay my taxes for a few years whilst I quibbled about the law of the land. It should not take a court ruling to make Apple pay what it owes in tax.
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