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I agree, wall street can go to hell. Apple don't need them imho. How did any of those muppets help Apple in the grey days? Btw, I'm a small AAPL shareholder and I'm more than happy for Apple to do what Apple decide. I'd rather Apple had a large war-chest than give it all away to short-term speculators that will just sell and take the cash.
I reckon the next update will be to both ipad and ipad mini but not until summer at earliest.
I guess the target audience don't have fingers.
Am picking up my 27" iMac today It was time to upgrade as my current MBP is first generation Intel one, so can't run latest OSX and XCode. I can't complain, it's still a very useable laptop (okay for building iPhone apps with iOS5 SDK) whilst almost seven years old! Looking forward to the bigger screen though. Btw I am in the UK.
Satellite imagery for the UK seems shockingly poor. Quickly deleted.
I'm really excited about this, much more so than the new products to be honest :)
I'm in the UK and think the advertising ruling is disgustingly wrong. I think Apple should ignore that ruling and pay whatever fine is thrown at them for doing so. The sooner Apple don't have to rely on Samsung for anything the better.
As an app developer I see nothing wrong with this. It will improve the platform for consumers, meaning a better platform for me to develop for. They should ban all ads except iAds while they are at it.
I'm feeling a little underwhelmed, and I'm an Apple fanboy. I don't want/need a longer iPhone, the 4s I have is the right size. I knew last year that the 4s would be an interim upgrade. I didn't expect iPhone5 to feel like an interim upgrade too though.
  Please try to keep a grip. If people outside of UK was are allowed access to the app, it wouldn't cost UK licence fee payers anything; and even if it did, so what. If you're unhappy about the licence stop watching live TV and stop paying the licence.
New Posts  All Forums: