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All my equipment (iPhones/iPads/MBP) is purchased with income from iAds :) My dividends are set to automatically reinvest in more AAPL :)
I've used an S4 and I didn't get the impression it was "smart phone". I guess somethings are subjective as to me it was far inferior to an iPhone 4s.
Whether you agree with the law or not, Apple should pay the tax it owes in a timely manner in countries it decides to do business in. If they disagree with the law then they should tackle that separately. I can't imagine the tax man would be happy if I decided to not pay my taxes for a few years whilst I quibbled about the law of the land. It should not take a court ruling to make Apple pay what it owes in tax.
 No I don't need to remember anything. I care about Apple the company and would rather they still exist in 100 years time than have them give me even double what my hundreds of shares are worth. Shareholders come, shareholders go. If you don't want to own AAPL shares, sell them, nobody asked you to buy them or promised you anything in return. Apple owes short-term (less than say 10 years) shareholders nothing.
I fail to see what benefit Apple would get from this buyback scheme.   I like that Apple has a large war chest of security, am not interested in Apple throwing this away just to get a bigger valuation on my AAPL shares. I bought AAPL because I love Apple long-term, not to make money short-term.   Is there even a cast-iron guarantee that AAPL shares would go up in value? I wouldn't be surprised if the market priced in any EPS share increase and the share price hardly...
If a plasma tv, make sure it's a Panasonic, and buy it before they stop making plasma panels.If you only want a small display get an iMac to use as a TV.Otherwise buy a JVC projector :DOf course, I'm assuming there won't be an AppleTV with a monitor built in.
 Nonsense. I want a full size iPad with an A7 or A7+ 
 Well I'm hoping for an A7 or A7X iPad (large). If that happens I'll buy that instead of a PS4 for gaming.
IT teams can easily block iOS updates even if devices are used off-campus. I'm very surprised they didn't think this was a good idea and a priority prior to launch? Surely they're providing iPads for a specific function to work with specific apps etc. How did they know that an iOS update wouldn't prevent the required apps working? They didn't, so they should have prevented iOS updates. Do they allow students to upgrade the versions of windows on the school PCs? They...
MS has a big role to play in the future of computing? That's what is unbelievable.
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