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  If you make a game and put it on the app store for sale at the cheapest paid price (non-free) then you can expect 100x more users to play your game than buy it. i.e. for every 1 person that buys it you can expect 100 to pirate and play it (can be seen easily from server -side high scores etc).
I'm struggling to see what's new?   For ages there's been apps/games that display one thing on the ipad and another via airplay e.g. Real Racing 2 HD
  I agree. I think the same applies to building ipad and iphone retina apps too (on a non-retina macbook pro as you have to downscale the simulator). My 1440 x 900 macbook pro is fine for developing iphone and ipad apps (non-retina) - the new retina macbook pro will be more than fine for making retina iphone & ipad apps. I'd argue it's ordinary non-power users that more likely need the extra working space of a non-retina mbp. Especially once third party apps take...
I think the problem is performance, graphics performance. An iMac with retina display would need a shed load of graphics processing power to shift the required number of pixels. The new MBP with retina has a resolution not much higher than my existing iMac (2560x1440). 
Looks like an awesome upgrade from my 1st intel gen mbp (6 yrs old?) I think iOS development might even be nicer on this than the iMac the extra res will definitely be a bonus when building apps for retina iPads
  It depends what the financial transaction is for. If it's for a physical (non-digital) product then Apple don't want a cut, in fact their rules prohibit you from using their in-app purchase system for this. If on the other hand the product or service is for use in the app then they want you to use in-app purchase.
  I'm a developer. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. If you don't want to abide by the store owners rules, find another store owner.
Siri doesn't work great here in the UK. I never use it at all. However my non-techie iPhone using friends love it. Go figure.
  Exactly. Android is a nightmare like Symbian used to be.
I can't see Apple building a bigger iPhone. Maybe a slightly smaller one, with the same screen size. My 4s is big enough, especially in a leather case; any bigger and it won't go in my pocket.   Or maybe if the aspect ratio and and number of pixels stays the same but with a lower density so the iPhone screen is bigger. I still don't think that'll happen though.   If the number of pixels is going to change I would bet on it being 1024 x 768 (but that's more likely...
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