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An iPhone with less functionality, no iTunes and no apps? There would be no profit in that and no way to monetise the user down the line. I can't see why Apple would do that.
I wonder how often people upgrade their Android phones to newer Android phones in general compared to iPhone users upgrading to newer iPhones. I would guess that Android users on the whole take far longer to upgrade as iPhones are the first choice amongst most people that have the financial means to upgrade earlier and because so many Android users are at the cheap/free end of the spectrum. I reckon this problem will become worse and worse for Google. Then again, I haven't...
To be honest, the cloud solution is good for smaller businesses and freelancers who don't want to shell out a few grand in one go. As long as they can rent the software they need for the projects they have on this month and then stop or change what they are renting as the business needs change all is great. e.g. a designer might need AE for one project a year, not worth buying AE stand-alone, but now they can use the software as and when and build the software cost into...
I don't understand why anyone needs or wants a bigger iPhone. The iPhone is primarily a mobile phone. It needs to fit in my pocket. I think these bigger phones look cheap and nasty and their users look like village idiots. When I want a bigger screen for browsing etc. I use an iPad.
Who knows, maybe Apple will release an iPhone without storage, i.e. just a phone no app store. People on low incomes who can't afford a smartphone don't buy from apps or from iTunes anyway so why give them storage space for things they don't need.
It sounds like this app isn't really an app as it doesn't actually offer any real functionality and should be just a website.
I for one hope we get a new 3.5" iPhone.
I see nothing wrong with Apple' recent rule change. I much prefer to keep one app-store and it's store front rather than a bunch of other people creating competing store-fronts for the app-store. I see this as normal Apple behaviour to protect and control the user experience ensuring consistency. I'm sure Apple could do more to enhance the app-store though to foster better app discovery.
I can see where this guy's coming from, but I think he's wrong. In my opinion, where it mattered to me, the upgrade to the 3GS was a bigger jump than to the 3G, and the same applied to the 4S : which is why I paid cash (i.e. no contract) for the top of the line 4S model on release and expect to do the same for the 5S. Mind you these devices are becoming so powerful (with a longer useable lifespan) that I would have a hard time justifying upgrading from the 4 or the 4S if...
New Posts  All Forums: