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is there an echo in here? lol
Entropys, I agree. I have my itunes library on a time capsule drive and wish I could access it easily from my iphone/ipad. I guess iCloud is intended to solve this but I live in a rural area with low internet and a massive itunes library (too big for icloud). I also hope they keep a set-top box option for Apple TV as I use a projector.
As a developer I prefer iAds over other networks even though I use others also (as a back-up). I've found that the lower tier developer iAds (advertising app store apps) bring in more revenue to developers than say adMob, mobFox etc. The top tier full iAds tend to bring in 10 times the revenue of the lower tier per impression iAds. The problem has always been inventory availability. If Apple can sort the inventory then there'll be no reason to use a...
This idea is nonsense
This better have brilliant graphics processing power for all those pixels if this is gonna be a serious gaming device.
I wish Apple would just brick every jailbroken device. I guess even if they could they wouldn't because of the reaction, but hey I can dream.
You can get your iphones unlocked here in the UK too. Oh, and we can buy them from an Apple store without a lock in the first place too so we can just put a PAYG sim in (which is what I do).
Adobe staff must be crying right now...
In New Zealand I hear they call the smaller variant (3.5") stiffies.
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