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I wish Apple would just brick every jailbroken device. I guess even if they could they wouldn't because of the reaction, but hey I can dream.
You can get your iphones unlocked here in the UK too. Oh, and we can buy them from an Apple store without a lock in the first place too so we can just put a PAYG sim in (which is what I do).
Adobe staff must be crying right now...
In New Zealand I hear they call the smaller variant (3.5") stiffies.
As a consumer I prefer iAds. They're simply nicer and less intrusive. As a developer I like iAds. They provide 90% of my ad income while only accounting for 30% of the ads I show. I wish there were more full iAds available. What a lot of people don't realise is that there are two types of iAd. The full-on advertiser ones and the lower-end itunes product ones (which cost and pay less). The lower-end itunes ads pay at least as much as other networks (and there isn't a...
I'm still running the original (oldest) firmware on my Time Capsule as any of the later updates seem to just crash the TC when copying data to it. Hope this update is better than any of the previous ones.
interesting to note that AirBand which works with the mp3tunes cloud locker is still in the app store.
might not be ios5 - I had this on a 3gs with ios4 and overcame it with a re-install.
The London events I went to didn't seem to be attended by wannabes. It was missed last year, and I'll be glad if they're back even if they do charge.
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