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Me too. MacBook Air Pro (the Pro being the retina display models).
It'll be interesting to see how the same game with the same graphics performs compared to the ipad1 and ipad2. i.e. I wonder if the graphics performance will even be as good as an ipad2 given that it has to draw four times the pixels. Testing a game on a 2.97ghz i7 intel core iMac in the iPad retina simulator isn't good (much lower fps than in the iPad simulator).
I want two things:I want to download content to my Apple TV and decide later what device to watch it on (tv, projector or ipad).I want a video input on an ipad - a simple mini hdmi in would suffice if wifi is out the window.
Lol. I'm bandwidth challenged. I typically set an tv episode downloading on Apple TV the day before I watch it. I don't want to tie up an ipad downloading for ages before I can watch it on it. If I ever get fibre then I won't care quite so much (but I'd still like to stream from my ps3 to an ipad). I don't want an actual tv in my house (yet another display device).
I have my Apple TV rigged up to my projector etc. but sometimes would rather watch it's output sat on the sofa with an ipad instead. i.e. use the ipad as the tv.In fact I'd like to be able to use an ipad as a monitor generally, so I can watch blurays on it etc.
Personally I'm hoping for 1080p Apple TV and ability to stream it TO ipad 3.
Nope. 1024 x 768 -> 2048 x 1536 is a four fold increase in resolution.
is there an echo in here? lol
Entropys, I agree. I have my itunes library on a time capsule drive and wish I could access it easily from my iphone/ipad. I guess iCloud is intended to solve this but I live in a rural area with low internet and a massive itunes library (too big for icloud). I also hope they keep a set-top box option for Apple TV as I use a projector.
As a developer I prefer iAds over other networks even though I use others also (as a back-up). I've found that the lower tier developer iAds (advertising app store apps) bring in more revenue to developers than say adMob, mobFox etc. The top tier full iAds tend to bring in 10 times the revenue of the lower tier per impression iAds. The problem has always been inventory availability. If Apple can sort the inventory then there'll be no reason to use a...
New Posts  All Forums: