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  It depends what the financial transaction is for. If it's for a physical (non-digital) product then Apple don't want a cut, in fact their rules prohibit you from using their in-app purchase system for this. If on the other hand the product or service is for use in the app then they want you to use in-app purchase.
  I'm a developer. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. If you don't want to abide by the store owners rules, find another store owner.
Siri doesn't work great here in the UK. I never use it at all. However my non-techie iPhone using friends love it. Go figure.
  Exactly. Android is a nightmare like Symbian used to be.
I can't see Apple building a bigger iPhone. Maybe a slightly smaller one, with the same screen size. My 4s is big enough, especially in a leather case; any bigger and it won't go in my pocket.   Or maybe if the aspect ratio and and number of pixels stays the same but with a lower density so the iPhone screen is bigger. I still don't think that'll happen though.   If the number of pixels is going to change I would bet on it being 1024 x 768 (but that's more likely...
With this pricing it's destined to fail. Photoshop CS1 does all I need it to.
We're not going to see the end to ads in apps. Especially free apps. Developers should allow users to pay to remove the ads though (I do).   However, it would be even better if Apple built this ability directly into the iAds solution and just require developers to specify the price point for ad removal. I think if Apple were to do this then more users would be happy and developers would be happy.   Btw iAds pays developers way more than AdMob etc. (the only...
I wish Apple would(could?) just ban all ad networks from iOS other than iAds.
As a developer who puts ads in some of my apps (alway with a way topaz to turn them off) I welcome this, it means other publishers/developers might be more inclined to use iAds  
I'm not that dumb that I'd expect tech to work the same in all countries. My experience of PAL/NTSC/SECAM would tell me to research.UK doesn't - it might be in trial in a few small select areas but that's not the same as being able to go into a shop in any city in the UK and buy. I live in the UK and have no access to 4g anywhere I live or work. I can't even get 3g in my house or at work. Consumers should not have to be treated like idiots. I despise this constant dumbing...
New Posts  All Forums: