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might not be ios5 - I had this on a 3gs with ios4 and overcame it with a re-install.
The London events I went to didn't seem to be attended by wannabes. It was missed last year, and I'll be glad if they're back even if they do charge.
If you can have a web design team of one (visual design + code) then you can have a team of one for ipad. iOS development is not harder than AS3 development -in many ways it is easier once you get to grips with it. It's also relatively easy to implement custom designed interface elements in ObjectiveC - Apple have done a really good job and iOS5 SDK will significantly improve upon what is already good.
Spotify barely has half the music I want to listen to, same as itunes. At least iCloud will allow me to listen to what I want to.
Here's hoping Apple uses all their legal resources to support/protect the developers!
http://www.mp3tunes.com/ have provided this service for years, without license agreements with music labels.
I think so too. Now if only they'd also do this for all Apple apps e.g. mail and ipod.
This is not true. I've recently seen a few different real/full iAds in more than one country including the UK.
In my experience iAds provides developers with more revenue for less ads than other networks. I'd rather have a low fill-rate (less ads) and more revenue (iAds) than a high fill-rate (lots of ads) and less revenue - (Admob). I'd still like to see an improvement in the fill-rate but so far since new year my apps have resulted in a 14% fill-rate (it's currently rising week on week). And the revenue for the past 6 weeks has been equivalent to a year with Admob (based upon...
So if I buy a CD, should the record store also give me a free vinyl copy and a free digital copy if I want it too?
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