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Can you write something like "My Wife" in the phonetic field? Or "My mom", etc.
nevermind, found it -- didn't realize siri could be turned on/off
Just got my 4s activated and when I hold down the home key, it shows me the old voice assistant, not siri. Is there a preference for Siri somewhere?
Makes no sense that Apple's servers are at fault unless each carrier has a separate lot of servers. Sprint and Verizon customers aren't having any problems, as far as I have heard. It's got to be AT&T.
Maybe this is a silly question, but I was considering an iMac and now wonder if the Mac Mini may be more cost effective. Aside from the gorgeous display, how does the Mac Mini compare to the iMac in terms of performance? I have a 24" Dell monitor that's still working great. Is the iMac that much faster? What about the video cards? Would an app like xplane be far far superior on the iMac vs the Mini?
You know, there was like one or two days last year when AT&T unveiled some fast network and I was pulling 5 Mbps -- until it disappeared as they had to patch software in their towers or something. I haven't seen it since. Is that what this is? ETA: This is in New York City.
Like this?
::eyeroll:: Why does this Android vs iOS thing have to be such a pissing contest?
Why would Kindle have to get kicked out? eBooks are bought from Amazon a-la-carte, not via subscription, so the IAS stuff doesn't apply.
Am I missing something? Apple announced all this in app subscription and purchase nonsense in February, but applications like NYTimes and Zinio continue to sell their subscriptions only through a link-out to safari. Is there a transition period that supposed to end at some point?
New Posts  All Forums: