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I don't get it. Apple already pays the appropriate tax on domestic income. People should be up in arms that they are forced to pay any tax on income from foreign sources!
  This is more true than some people would like to believe.
To be a "little more rich", you would have to actually sell when it hits $1000. For anyone to have any sort of financial gain, they have to sell, and thus, find a buyer. Are there going to be enough buyers for all the people selling when it nears $1000? Who is still going to be buying at that point?   I think this will keep the stock from truly hitting $1000. Sure, it will hit $1000 someday, due to inflation, but as the stock reaches that mythical number, people will...
This is because, if they took the proper channels, they would only get a few dollars for usage of a stock photo. This way, they, and their lawyers, get more money than the going rate.
Amount of sales Microsoft gained from this: zero.   Think about how many sales MGK will gain from this.
This claim should be filed under "more proof that software patents should not exist".
Do you even own an iPhone 5? Have you experienced this problem yourself? Why are you so devoted to this issue if: 1) It is not affecting you or, 2) You don't even use this phone   Just when I start feeling good about the Internet, I stumble back into these forums and read these threads.
If I understand this correctly, some USB ports were not made robust enough to not permanently lock in a USB cable that is following the USB spec, and this is now being blamed on Apple.
I'm not seeing it here in Canada.
I don't know who "they" is in your sentence, but it is not true. I still have Lion in my purchases section of the App Store and can download at will.   I will note that Lion did disappear from my purchases section for maybe 20 minutes yesterday around the time Mountain Lion became available. However, it came back and is still there.   I can't believe this discussion went on for three pages without anyone actually checking the facts.
New Posts  All Forums: