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  Please direct me on how to enable turn-by-turn spoken directions and 3D view with the current Google Maps app, because I don't see it.
I definitely prefer the T shape. I don't like how I have to make a decision as to which way the L should face. Sometimes, I have the power cable coming from behind my back (chair), so I have to point the cable toward the front. The T shape gives no frustration and disconnects much more easily.
I just noticed the Apple Store is offline.   Anxiously awaiting the new MacBooks.
"Oh crap, those stocks you had me buy three months ago have lost a lot of value. Hey, call up that buddy of yours and have him write an article telling everyone to buy."
I found it interesting that we have reached a period where a minor point revision of a web browser that fixes a single bug is almost 50MB. That's more than the space required for a full Windows 95 install!
This is a ridiculous comment. To take your comment to the logical conclusion, if I store a PDF of my new book on iCloud, Apple suddenly owns the book and could sell it freely. Do people even think before they regurgitate what they have heard or read?
Why is Samsung even mentioned in this article? 75% versus 15%? Imagine an article in the 1990's saying "Microsoft and Apple account for 95% of computer sales" (with Apple having 5%). It's ridiculous to clump the two together.
I don't understand the carriers' beef with Facetime. They charge users for data. It's not like users are making "free" phone calls.
You can currently "sync" your icloud documents to your iOS devices either using itunes, or manually using the icloud website. The website is actually easier than you think. Just log in to icloud, click iwork, then drag and drop your documents onto the web browser window. This is far easier than the method used within iwork itself to upload to the old iwork site. I am currently using this method to work on documents between my Macbook and iPhone. I am excited for...
Yes. Documents uploaded from iWork are stored in native and PDF format.
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