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Yes, because booting the OS a few seconds faster is one of the main reasons people buy Apple computers. They rake in so much profit from this.
I'd actually like to see this become moderately successful. I have no plans to buy one, but it would be good for the people who "hate Apple" to have a good tablet platform instead of the terrible Android. I say this as someone who has experienced an Android tablet. It isn't pretty. Non-Apple users deserve a quality product as well. Android isn't even close. So I wish the best to WebOS.
Google bid $4 billion, so clearly they believe that these patents were worth something. It's kind of odd to see them now saying that the patents are going for more than they are worth. Four billion dollars. It's also odd to see them bring up the fact that "Android is free" as a defence against the licensing fee. Imagine that I get my hands on the Coke recipe, make it in my basement, and give it away to dozens of companies who then turn around and sell it for a profit.
I used Airdrop on two late 2008 MacBooks. I tried to copy over a 1GB video file. It was slow as hell for some reason. It was going to take an hour. I cancelled the copy after a few minutes. I have no idea why it was so slow. I would assume it would use .11n to transfer, but it was slower than that. I would think it would take 15-30 minutes at most. The machines were literally inches away from each other. Both computers are connected to the same .11n wireless network. I...
Using Safari and its Reader function not only hides the ads, but combines all pages of the article into one continuous "page". I immediately hit shift-command-r on every webpage that shows the Reader icon in the address bar.
Quoted from the review. This statement is not true. I bought a new MacBook Air. All of the iLife 11 apps are available on my other MacBooks. I installed them on my two other MacBooks from the App Store. I only had iLife 09 until now.
More importantly, why would Apple do anything considering these stores are supposedly selling legit products?
I bought a new MBA and I can answer this. It appears that the App Store does not treat the pre-installed Lion as an "App". You cannot use it to install on your other computers. In fact, the store doesn't even allow a pre-installed Lion to re-download Lion from the App Store if you purchased Lion separately, not even using the "hold option key" method. It gives an error that the new Mac cannot install that version of Lion. However, the new computer does register iLife...
I am in almost your exact same position. I own the same model of MacBook as you, except I went with the 2.0Ghz, which the only difference is no backlit keyboard and the CPU speed. However, I don't feel the speed matters one bit.I am currently typing on the new 13" MBA so I will give you some insight.1) Due to the SSD, apps and other disk activity is minimal. This is really the only difference. I notice no real speed improvement, but I haven't done anything heavy like video...
I was also wondering about this. Based on the specs, I thought the i5 Airs would just be dual-core with no hyper threading. I assumed hyper threading was only an i7 thing, if at all. I am about an hour into using my new 13" Air, and there are 4 CPU charts in Activity Monitor. So it appears that, yes, it is a dual-core system with hyper threading enabled. I don't know about the Turbo, but I would assume it is disabled.
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