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Bah. None of the stores in the Toronto area have the new hardware yet. I immediately ordered online but I am hoping the stores get it before the weekend.
And here it is.
MacBook Air to drop the "Air" surname and replace the current MacBook. You heard it here first*. *Disclaimer: You probably didn't hear it here first.
While Plex can sometimes have a few quirks, it is lightyears beyond Front Row for usability. Once you get Plex installed and arrange your library of videos, it needs no maintenance and works great. I'm not even talking about any sort of configuration or tinkering. It's literally: install plex, enable harmony remote, point bittorrent/sabnzb+ to the plex media folder, then sit back and watch your shows. Hell, Front Row can't even output audio via airtunes anymore....
I currently have just under 2000 photos in my iPhoto library. The highest resolution is from my 10 megapixel Canon S90 (between 2-3MB each). However, my "trash" folder in iPhoto has ~2500 photos inside. I suppose I could delete them to recover half of my space, but there is no need. That's what the trash folder is for: to recover deleted files. The point of my original post is that people use their computers to do things such as music, photos, videos, and downloading...
I don't have a "lot of apps". If you subtract my iTunes folder, I am using about 90GB. The largest set of files I have on disk is my iPhoto library at 16GB. I have no idea how someone would get by with only 64GB. You'd have to only email and web browse.
I have a 2010 aluminum 2.0Ghz MacBook that I am giving away to a friend after I buy this new MBA.
I can't beileve they are trying to bullshit their way out of this one. Does this quote sound "speculative": We have worked with Apple for quite awhile, and the tablet is going to be based on the iPhone operating system, and so it will be transferable. That seems like a factual statement to me. Coming from the CEO, I fail to see how anyone could possibly interpret this as "speculative" instead of factual.
At first I pictured a vertical listing of browsers, using a radio button control, with safari pre-selected. I thought, "ok, I guess this guy has a point, even though it is a very weak point." Then I see the real selection box! It isn't even worth me typing this very sentence about. How absurd for someone to complain. I wonder if the "Firefox dude" even saw the presentation before whining.
If authors/publishers want more money for their work, then why don't they negotiate for more money when they authorize their songs for sale in the itunes store?
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