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Doesn't Vista already have per-app volume control?
Ok, so where is this feature for their MacBooks? Hell, Apple won't even track stolen serial numbers to see if they get serviced. I had my MacBook stolen last year and it would be nice to be able to at least grab the IP address of the dickhead who is using it.
My new MacBook is fine on both counts. However, since the MacBook has only a 13" screen, I could see that with larger screens the lid might not stay in place as well.
It has already been confirmed and reconfirmed and re-reconfirmed that the "2.0 Macbook backlit keyboard" online store statement is an error. It does not come with backlighting (much to my dismay).
My Macbook was stolen a few weeks ago so I have been patiently waiting for this release. Now I see there is no firewire? Thanks for rendering iVideo completely useless to me, Apple. I'm sure I'm not the only one with a DV camcorder. The ethernet port is far more useless.
I'd hit it.
I want to know who the idiot is that has access to the hardware like this, but only sneaks a single blurry super zoomed-in photo and calls it a day?
My Macbook was stolen 3 weeks ago and I am jonesing. I would be happy to have them anytime this month.
I thought this exact thing before even reading this story. He seems to just spout random obvious things every once in a while. Who the hell is even asking for his opinion anyway? Does he have a friend of his "interview" him occasionally, then forward it to various news sites?
These dudes must be heavily invested in Apple to have such a hard-on for this $250/share target.
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