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Where do these guys pull their numbers from? 80% chance? How could you possibly come up with that in any sort of rational way?
I have two things to add to this: Why are people looking directly at the keyboard in the first place? It takes about 2 days to get used to the Macbook layout and be able to type without looking. Even if you did need to see the keys, the light from the screen is plenty bright. You could read a book with it.
An updated iPod Touch 32GB with a much lower price would be good.
Wow, I wasn't expecting this. I haven't had my keyboard stop responding for about a week, but when it does happen, it seriously pisses me off. As for any sort of wifi issue... none here. I have never, ever had my wifi connection drop even when I roam to the darkest corners of my house.
I think this wins an award for the worst waste of human time and effort ever. All this to shave a couple centimeters off of a compact disc, which already weighs a negligible amount? I am completely boggled.
Keyboard has stopped working 4 times since I bought the latest model MacBook a couple weeks ago. I have the stock hardware and software (Leopard). No third party software. No configuration tweaks. The keyboard has stopped working while it was sitting in front of me and I was mousing around. Literally, the keyboard was working, I spent a minute with the mouse, then went to type and it did not respond. Hibernating had nothing to do with it. The keyboard has stopped...
Great article. Up until this point I had zero interest in Time Machine since I thought it was the same as Windows' "System Restore", which is nearly useless. After reading this, Windows' backup and system restore apps look like a waste of time and effort. Leopard is making this switcher very excited!
Yes, because the TV Networks should definitely be in the business of keeping the DVD pressing plants, marketing companies, distributors, trucking companies, retail shops, etc afloat. Either way, 99 cents is still not cheap enough for these relatively low quality videos. Wake me up when they start distributing in at least 1280x720 resolution.
New Posts  All Forums: