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Is it just me, or are we all set to see the new MobileMe debut alongside the iPad 2 and whatever other goodies Apple has on March 2nd? In my mind, the stars appear to be aligned. As a current paying member of MobileMe, I think it is great that Apple is going to revamp the service, and hopefully make it free. The Webapps, syncing, and Find My iPhone feature make it a much more compelling product, in my mind, than anything in the "free" market. But then again, I am one...
I'm predicting an iPad 2 event, with either the CDMA iPhone thrown in and then a "one more thing..." or the Verizon iPhone will be the one more thing. I think Jobs would love to make the Verizon iPhone the "one more thing..." but I don't know what they could have ready to go between the iPads and the Verizon iPhone. Maybe an iOS 5 preview? Or the MacBook Pro refresh has potential, especially with the announcement of the Sandy Bridge processors.
Maybe this was said and I missed it, but is this store going to be optional (kinda like steam) or is it going to be like the iOS app store? I sure hope its the former.
You know, I think I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. I'm a college student. I have a MacBook Pro, but I also have an iPad. I use the iPad in class all the time. Between iWork for iPad (which I use to take notes with in my social science classes) and Penultimate (which I use in conjunction with a Pogo Sketch pen for my math and science classes), I find the iPad to be a very productive tool. Throw in a PDF reader (whether it be GoodReader or iBooks or...
Thanks. Ebay seems like a good choice.
Hello, So I know this is going to be a blast from the past, but I figured that someone on here might have the answer. Recently, I acquired a fully functional Apple //e. But, it is missing its display. I looked at the display connector, which I managed to identify as a RG-59 cable, which leads me to my problem. I have never seen a display use this connector, and I am wondering what parts (whether it be adaptors for a newer display or just an older display) I will need...
Uh, no I don't think it means that. I think it means that from Apple's point of view, its cheaper to take your old iPad, give you one with a new battery, replace the battery on your's and sell it refub than to take apart the case and put a new battery. It's probably saves money, and it's a hell of a lot more convenient.
They do this for all their products. It's just the standard operating procedure. It's so that you know what to expect when the battery eventudally stops holding a charge. There are no issues with the battery.
I humbly beg to differ. I'm a student, so I definitely don't have "More money than I know what to do with", yet I'm still seriously considering this product. It would be a great textbook reader, and not having to buy the paper textbooks would be wonderful, and its such a pain to drag them around. Furthermore, one could highlight, underline and annotate their books using the touch interface. The one thing that was not announced and I would like to see is some sort of...
This would be a huge hit. I am a college student and I can't begin to describe how awesome an annotatable eTextbook would be. It saves weight, money and paper. I'd be first in line! And some multimedia features would be nice too.
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