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Um no. The way that it is notated (OS X 10.6.3) is how it is conventionally done. See the Apple website for proof.
Anybody know if you can buy the Quad-core models in store, or are those only available online?
Agreed. Apple's goal is to build products that just work, no matter where you are. A CDMA only iPhone doesn't fit into this vision very well. If there ever is a CDMA iPhone, it'll have UMTS/LTE to back it up.
I recently learned that icons in the menu bar can be removed by holding command and clicking on them. You can then drag the offending icon out of the bar much in the same way icons can be removed from the dock. Not that this solves all of your gripes, but it is a nice feature. Don't know which version of the OS this showed up in, but I'm running 10.6.
Thanks for the reply. The force quit didn't work, so I tried a restart and that seems to have fixed the problem.
I have a mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro. When I wake it from sleep with my external speakers plugged into the jack, I have no issues. But when I wake it from sleep without my headphones plugged in, and then try to plug them in later, it won't recognize that there are speakers plugged in unless I put the machine to sleep and wake it up with the speakers plugged in. Any thoughts?
Well this really isn't much of a mystery, but Apple traditionally has a sale on the day after Thanksgiving (here in the US lovingly known as Black Friday). You can usually save about $100 on a MacBook Pro, depending on the model and specs. So if I were you, and I wasn't in a hurry, I'd wait and get the good deals then.
I have no idea. But I have a feeling Steve is going to make heads roll because of it.
Shocking as it may seem, it looks like video on the touch is a no-go...
Welcome back Steve! Glad to see you're doing well enough to present. Here's to many more years at Apple!
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