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Sadly, I don't think selling Ballmer will make them enough money to buy the clues that they need
I think that its safe to say that SL is not slower than Leopard. As for the bugs, there will always be bugs. And from what I've read, they aren't that bad and many people have not run into them.Regarding Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7, I don't think that Win 7 is better than Snow Leopard. Win 7 may be more of an upgrade from Vista than SL is from Leopard, but that doesn't mean that Win 7 is better than SL. Apple was so far ahead of MS before SL and Win 7 that, in my...
For what its worth, I talked to an Apple rep and he assured me that my Up to Date copy would arrive on Friday.I sure hope he's right...
Apple says that you need to buy the Box Set. And we have no reason to believe that you can (or can't) use the $29 version. So if I were you, I'd wait either wait until Friday to hear what others say, or just bite the bullet and buy the Box Set
It was June 8th because that was the day of the WWDC 2009 Keynote and that was when it was announced that Snow Leopard would be shipping Sept 2009 (now changed to August 2009)
I just talked with one of the Apple Store online reps and he told me that regardless of what your ship date is showing for Up To Date, you will get your copy of SL on August 28th. This is only for the US. But it makes me happy!
Time Machine backs up every hour, of every day, of every week, of every month, so long as you have your computer turned on. The nice thing is that it only backs up the data that has changed since the last back up. So when doing a "system restore" you can either chose the most recent back up or you can chose a certain point in the past. It is a wonderful piece of software. Also very handy if you are moving from an old Mac to a new Mac.I think you will love your new iMac....
I think this is the most intelligent post anyone has made regarding Apple's decision to drop PowerPC support in Snow Leopard. Very well thought out argument. I never opposed the end of PowerPC but this makes the decision look even smarter.
Oh give me a break. Those are the same color as the restore disks for Tiger and Leopard. That's not the final packaging for the retail version of Snow Leopard. It's just the restore disks for the Mac Mini in question.
I'm sorry if I'm being dense or dumb, but is this a real picture of a Mac running 10.6 build 10A587?Or are you just making a point that reports of 10.6 build 10A435 could be faked and photoshopped?
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