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Hello All, I have been using Time Machine for 3 months now. It has been backing up no problem for all this time. I have more than 50% of the hard drive free to backup to. Since yesterday, it backups to 8.7 MB of 12 MB, and then gets stuck. It has been stuck for 12 hours now. Any ideas would be great! Thanks, Steve
If you can't beat them, join them? Steve
And hot damn, does it make the iPhone SO much easier and more fun to use. Now, add the new features in 2.1, and no one will be bitching and moaning about how the iPhone "doesn't live up to their expectations". Oh, I cannot wait... Steve
Last year, for the iPod event on Sept. 5, 2007, the invitations were received by the press 8 days before the special event was to be held. By this timing, the invitations might not go out for the new MacBooks/MacBook Pros event until the 2nd to last week of September, depending on when Apple holds the press event. Hopefully the event will be sooner, but who knows. Steve
So far, that is the best idea yet. They could use a sign up process like when you make a Genius Bar Appointment. That would be easy, fast and so much simpler than the other ways. It would cut back on waiting and would alleviate the stress on the Apple Employees to rush through customers so that the line would move faster. I think it would improve the experience dramatically. Steve
Your waiting will be well rewarded. Steve
Differences: Dedicated GPU (MBP) vs. Integrated Graphics (MB) Number of Ports Storage (HDD only MB vs. SSD option on MBP) RAM CPU speed, FSB Blu-Ray possibility on MBP Similarities: Aluminum Superdrive standard MacBook Air like design LED Backlight Multi-touch trackpads I think that covers everything. Let me know if I forgot something. Steve
I think that they could implement it using a two finger touch. When you want to copy something, put down your two fingers and the screen for 2 seconds. A "cursor" will come up with the magnifying glass. You drag until you reach the end of the text. It adds it to the "clipboard". To paste it into another text field, you go to the text field and touch the screen with two fingers for 2 seconds. The text is added. Simple enough, IMHO. Tell me what you think. Steve
I think the idea is that they have more time to sell iPhones during the day, so then more people can be helped. If people want to buy one after work, then there will be less people in line at 5 PM, because they got started earlier in the day. I just staggers the flow of people out over more of the day. Less waiting and less frustrating. A good business plan. Steve
I'm looking forward to the bug fixes, GPS direction like an in car system, MMS and copy/paste. Apple said that they want to get these feature done, so I see them coming in .1, or .2 at the latest. Steve
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