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Good call. But, more on topic, I see the MacBook moving in the direction of the Air. Not as thin, but with the tapered edges and that Aluminum shell. To me, the MacBook with look a lot like the Air, but thicker, with an optical drive, and the features that a previous poster mentioned. I would get the new MacBook because if the extra ports and optical drive, but that's just me. And iPod Touch, once it has 64 GB. Steve
It takes forever to load and it is not that easy to navigate Steve
I have fond that as long as I back up often, each back up doesn't take to long. My strategy: Connect the iPhone, sync it, go have dinner, and when you come back it will be done! Steve
I'm gonna agree with Gizmo on this one. If you have an iPhone and like it, don't waste your money and wait a year. If you don't have an iPhone, now is as good of time as any. Steve
Does anyone know if using the VNC Lite is a secure thing to do? It seems like a really cool idea, but I would hate to compromise my Mac's security for the feature. Steve
The 3G icon is obvious, the Edge icon is a blue square with an "E" in the middle, and the blue square with the white dot is the 1st generation data (I think its called GPRS). Steve
I completely agree with the first 4, but I do have some insight on the last one. I read (somewhere) that Apple cannot sell downloads over 3G because it is not in their deal with the record companies. They are trying to add it to the terms, but, as usual, the record companies are dragging their feet. It will happen sometime, but when is anybodies guess. Steve
That's an amazing spoof. But, on a more serious note, they may actually try something like this... and it will fail as much as the Zune has.
So, they finally feel inferior? The day that Microsoft can provide an "Apple like experience" is the day that Apple goes under... which is never. This is just another rescue mission to save the sinking ship. I cannot wait to see what they come up with. If it is anything like the "World is Flat" ads on their website, we are in for a laugh. Steve
That is great training, since Stanford is so close to Cupertino, and since Steve has suhc a good relationship with Stanford. If only I were at Stanford, and I would definitely take that class! Steve
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