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Maybe I am Steve Jobs... Or not. We do have the same name, and I do live close to him, but I'm not him. I just have a lot of respect for him and Apple. Raging on him for stock problems is uncalled for and I hate it, so I make harsh comments. I'm not usually that rude, but things like that get me going. Steve
I'm gonna keep doing this until supply meets demand (whenever that is)... For Wenesday, July 23nd in the U.S., the iPhone will be available at 103 stores across 30 states. The shortage seems to be coming to a close. So no more excuses for waiting until the hype dies down! Steve
Get the hell out of here. He is the heart and soul of Apple and an inspiration to so many people. No one needs people like you here. Steve
It might be really cool, if they make it work well and across the whole iPhone. Still, the better solution would be for Apple to just write in Voice Commands into the next software release. Add MMS and Video Recording, then (almost) all the critics will be silenced! Steve
Even better, how about a 13" MPB. Great to carry around, but more powerful in the graphics card department than the MB. How about $200 more and the high end MB? Steve
Hell yeah! Those would get bought up faster than Microsoft and its affiliates can say "Oh, Shit"! Steve
Apple would never do that. They know that there are too many people who are well informed that buy computers today. Their business plan is great hardware and great software. They would not sacrifice that for profit margins. Steve
Cool! Now I can go to the beach and hit the Apple Store all at the same time. What could be finer?
I could not agree more. Apple is going strong and still moving up. And although there is an entire company behind him, no one can doubt or undervalue the effects of Steve's leadership and insight upon Apple this past decade. He has forever changed the tech industry and he has inspired people to push the envelope of what is possible. It is because of Mr. Jobs that we are here posting in this forum. He rekindled the flame of Apple lovers. Here's to hoping that his health is...
I was just thinking the same thing. As is seen with the iPhone 3G, Apple seems to be addressing users complaints. So maybe Steve is actually looking through Forums like these. On a different note, I hope he is either well or on the road to recovery. He has done so much for Apple and I would hate to loose him.Steve
New Posts  All Forums: