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For Tuesday, July 22nd, the iPhone will be available at 43 stores across 17 states. It seems like Apple is restocking the iPhone in its biggest markets, like New York, California and Texas before it targets the rest of the country. The shortage lives on, but is may be coming to a close. Steve
Its 11:15 PM PST on July 20th, and I just checked the availability listings for the iPhone 3G. In the U.S., there are only 3 stores that have the iPhone, 1 in CA, 1 in NH, and 1 in NYC. In the U.K., however, all stores have the 8 GB and the 16GB White with only one having the 16GB Black. So either the U.K is getting restocked before the U.S., or it isn't selling as well there. In any event, the sales must be monster in the U.S. for Apple to be having these kind of...
I'm still fairly new to the Mac, and I was looking for some advice. Microsoft Paint is a simple drawing app. What would be a good, cheap equivalent for Mac OS X? Any advice would be great. Steve
I have no idea when the shortage will pass, but I hope its soon. I took the time to analyze the iPhone Availability list for all stores in the U.S. Of the 187 stores in the U.S., 20 of them have at least one model of the iPhone available, but only 1 has all three available for tomorrow, July 20th. This is amazing, because it shows just how many iPhones Apple has sold. Maybe this means the shortage will last longer than we think, but I don't really know. Steve
I have only had AIM crash once, on the first day. I use it every day. The set up was easy. Have you tried reinstalling/restoring? Maybe it will take and update to solve the problems. Good Luck, Steve
I cannot wait for the next hardware iteration of the iPhone. I would expect: -A better screen (Possibly OLED, definitely higher resolution) -A more powerful processor, video card, etc, because this phone is gong to blow the competition out of the water -A more powerful camera (3.2 MP or more with video capture and maybe a flash) -A slimmer design -A front-facing camera for video chat I think this covers everything. I cannot wait for Macworld 2009. Steve
I have paid for only two apps, because the ones I like are often free. 1. Super Monkey Ball- $10. I wanted a good, fun game for long plane rides. Monkey Ball was highly rated, so I bought it. I fond it next to impossible to control, and I hardly ever play it. On the other hand, Cube Runner is free, and much more enjoyable IMHO. 2. MLB At-Bat- $5. I love baseball, and I read reviews that this apps was quick and easy to get scores. It is quick and easy, but very...
I have an original iPhone with the 2.0 software and my problems have been fairly minimal. The two problem apps have been Safari, which crashes more than 1.1.4, especially when I visit TUAW, and the settings app. It is nonfunctional when apps are downoading or installing from the App Store. Other than that and the minor freezes that have always been present, the 2.0 software has not significantly changed the experience on my iPhone. I hope those of you with problems have...
That may be that case, but people who are looking at a new phone are probably financially sound, and they are most likely willing to fork over the extra $$ for a great device. But just my opinion. I guess we will see. Only time and a quarterly financial call will tell. Steve
That sounds amazing! Good luck with you development. Keep us posted. It sounds like a great App in progress! Steve
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