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Any time now! I can't wait. Mobile ME and iPhone 2.0, and iTunes 7.7 should be amazing. Steve
Yes, I know... and unfortunately, the answer is no. And since you need to activate in store, there is no way around this problem. You could wait for the unsubsidized iPhone ( for $600 and $700 on AT&T), which allows you to buy the iPhone w/o a contract. But, this is a "Coming Soon" item, whatever the hell that means. Good Luck! Steve
So, will the new BRD be called Super-Duper Drives?
This is a huge step forward for the iPhone a hardware basis. But, there are still some software problems that need to be addresses, such as: MMS, copy and paste, video recording, audio recording and voice dialing. I would not be surprised that when the iPhone 2.0 software is released, Apple will go: "SURPRISE!!!! New features that we didn't talk about @ WWDC!" The voice dialing is a must, because so many states are passing hands-free laws. The others are just logical. ...
Hey, I bought an iPhone in July, and I love it. But for the past few weeks, the Home Button has been acting up. I sometimes haver to push it 3, 4, 5 times to make the iPhone return to the home screen. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any advise on what steps I should take regarding this issue? Any help would be great. Steve
Unfortunately, wireless backup is not supported in 10.5.1. I've heard there might be a work around. Maybe someone else will know... Hopefully, wireless backup will be supported in 10.5.2 when Apple has to add support for Time Capsule.Steve
So, when is Steve Ballmer going to stop hiding in the shadows and finally don the Darth Vader mask. It is his destiny...
What insurance did you get? I might be interested. Steve
Do you have a Mac or a PC?
If anything, my battery life has improved with 1.1.3 1.1.2 kinda crushed my battery life by 30 min a day. Steve
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