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You definantly need the install disk. That should solve your problems. Good luck! Steve
The picture is really telling about how thin it is... And the battery isn't that hard to replace... Still, not exactly user friendly. Steve
"Nope not really. Other than they both run Linux they really have little to compare. The Eee PC is in effect a miniature laptop. What make the Eee PC relevant to the discussion is the fact that they where able to pack so much into the little box. Enough I/O in fact to make it attractive to a number of people that wouldn't normally go for the form factor." ARE YOU KIDDING??? The Eee PC is remarkably under powered. For that price, you mine as well get and iPhone. It...
How do I transfer mr ringtones from my iPhone to my new computer? Any ideas would be great! Thanks iPhone91
A mobile version of iWork, iChat, and a Finder app would be really nice. Steve
I am so happy that there is an SDK for the iPhone. I hope the first apps that come out are mobile versions of iWork. This would increase the power of the phone exponentially. Also, some games would be nice too. Steve
When will people learn... If you don't like the terms of the iPhone, then don't get one!
Look, I bought an iPhone in the first week of July. for $599, and I am in no way upset. It is the best phone ever, and I cannot think of a reason to complain. If it was a bad phone, maybe I would complain, but not right now. Y'all should stop complaining, it is getting old.
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