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Well I have had my MBPR running for 15min after a full charge just using Safari on this site and my battery has gone from 100% to 93% in less then 15min.  So I don't think we have a fix in place based on what I am getting on my Mac.
eats my battery on my MBPR in about 4 hours other then that I like it.
    Well I just tried to Quote your reply to me and this is all I got when doing it.   The first time I just hit Reply and it opened up a pop window of the main site rather then a place to post a reply.  On another attempt to reply when viewing the post the only option shown was to reply multi "" and Quote did not even show up on the screen.     As far as the Ad's most of the time the graphic never comes in on the display.   This new update sucks and is very buggy to say...
I am not a fan of the new forums to much lost space.  and they seem very slow also.  I like some of the new features for post editing but two many ad's eating up space on the screen.    Can't really use it on the iphone like to could the just not a good use in screen space.   This was a daily stopping point for me on the web but not anymore.    
With the Apple Magic Trackpad you can use four finger drag to switch apps. I wonder if they could trigger the iPad to go into multi-task switcher mode just like when you double press the button on the iPad and make it a user pref setting. I think this would improve the multi-tasking feature within iOS
Yes we have the same issue. But i found the fix for it. Just download the itunes again and install it over your current 10.1 version and the problem will go away. http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only)
Does anyone really think AT&T would reduce their profits? Only 2-3% of people are using more then 2gb a month. These new rate plans do nothing to reduce current usage of the network. Because we are taking about a business that is in the business of making money.... you can bet that those that will drop plans to the lower plan will end up getting burned at some point. And many with the 2gb limit will also get burned. AT&T is not going to give up hundred of...
I agree Frenman... I think once the iPad application number increases they may find a path to the iMac because this would increase the number of application to the desktop and make a seemless product line for them. I am sure this would increase the iMac's/Macbooks share of the market.
Can you say a$$
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