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Well I have to say I love it because of it's size because it is just the right type of device for sitting outside pool side reading or emailing or surfing or writing and so on.... The few things that need to be address is the ability to connect to a network printer and storage other than iDisk. We just a really good sports news app. (football)
Well I have what many people have said the be bear paws for hands and I have no trouble with the keyboard at all. I think it is just the right size.
Will the iPad be able to use/mount network storage devices to access movies, documents, pictures and so on?
Who cares.... Apple can sell or not sell whatever they want. If you like a product they don't sell you can always find it else where. Would you feel the same way about Target or Walmarts if they stopped selling third party product? I use a screen protector and will continue to and if Apple does not want my money I will give it to another company. It's all good!!!
They work just fine I am sending this with a 3Gs with one on it and it seems to be ok.
Appollo, Thanks for the feedback I have seen this and it is a good product that will work for most riders. But after writing this post I had made a wiring harness for the iPhone to work with my Harley Ultra that allows the helmet coms to support the iphone (Music, and Phone functions) and also the bikes other coms (CB, Radio, Weather Rado, and GPS) and also charges the iPhone and has added amp to increase volumn to the helmet if needed at the same time for about $30.00...
I have a V1 iPhone and love it, but I am waiting for a better iPhone the 3G is improved in many ways but I think the next version will be much better then the current 3g version. It may take another year for it to be released but I can wait for it because my V1 iPhone works just great! and I see no reason to make the upgrade at this point.
This would be a great application that would make the Apple computers a total computing/communications solution. I hope this could be developed by Apple themselves to insure it's long term success.
So then airplane Pilots, Police, Fireman, Taxi drivers, Truckers and so on that have a need to use radio communication devices are also at risk of doing harm to others because they are talking to other parties outside of the vehicle they are currently operating.... So maybe we should also create laws to band that also.... I agree I see many people on the road that can't seem to drive well while they are on the cell phone but at the same time I have not seen them drive...
I don't want it...... Happy now?
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