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No I am going to try that when I get home tonight after I locate the old #. I will let you know if it works.
I just found out that you may have problems if you have had your iPhone replaced by Apple support or exchanged at the Apple or ATT stores because this system may not have your new SSN on file. This is what has happened to me, so I have started the email contact process because no phone number is provided for this. Good luck everyone.
Happened to me too after two months, But I had to send mine into Apple and they replaced it with a brand new phone. Two days after I got the new phone it just stopped working so I repeated the process and now I have my third phone and everything seems to be OK.
I love the iPhone but I think it's time Apple provides us all with some basic features updates with respect to: Bluetooth voice dialing. A way to save notes so if you have to restore a phone you don't lose them. A way to save your stock ticker information with everthing else in itunes, landscape keyboard in SMS mode and the list goes on. They can send a update out to stop hackers in just a few hours why have we not seen any other improvements to the UI...
Check out this link http://kb.iu.edu/data/avij.html They are still working on a CISCO VPN client from what I understand.
The iPhones will have the standard OSX VPN client when they ship next week. This will allow connecting to Macintosh and Windows VPN Servers on L2TP or PPTP over IPSEC. The client is very simple and will be set up from its own settings pane. Cisco PIX VPN connectivity is a little blurry as some configurations work with the default OSX client as it does in the Macintosh client, others do not. Cisco is rumored to be working on a VPN Client for the iPhone as well as Soft...
I wish you could change some of the other sounds like when SMS messages come in. Mail comes in and so on.
You need to check out this link http://www.ambrosiasw.com/utilities/itoner/ and you can have what you are looking for.
Of course I know they are going to put out another model. It is the speed at which they are going to do it that is going to hurt Apple in some ways. They stopped making the 4Gig iphone when they should of never even made it to begin with. The customers that have them must feel like they have been left out in the cold. Now my guess is before the holiday the 3G model will be released with a new AT&T rate plan that cost even more per month. Then soon after this...
I am a stock holder for the record, and as one I am happy to here Apple is going to provide the $100.00 credit in this case !!!!ONLY!!!!. We all need to remember the iphone was going to be sold as the end all digital device. It is much more than just a cell phone. I also agree the price was to high and needed to come down just not this fast it sends the wrong message. And he should of never done it at the same time as a new product release. Based on Steve's...
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