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The new phone is not worth standing in line for IMO. Maybe when they add some other features 3G and GPS by itself is just not worth taking that much time out of my life.... I will stay with the first version until I see changes in Bluetooth support, better Camera and some type of indicator that shows me I have a SMS message or voice mail or email waiting without having to make the display turn on by pushing any of the buttons on the phone. After being burned the...
Could they just create another type of entry in iCal called a todo then we would not need a new application at all. You could see your apt. and todo's all in the same place and anything not done on todays list gets moved to the next day.
A Password Manager for both Iphone and the Desktop that sync when docked.
It also happened to me In the event the Apple store is far from you: I contacted support in one day they sent me a replacement service-phone at no charge and a pre-paid shipping box to send my phone in to them. After a few days they sent me a brand new iphone and asked me to send the service-phone back to them is a pre-paid box.
These look GREAT.... They really look like a great design. Thanks for posting the link.
My guess this will be about the SDK and other app's on iTunes
Please note I would not say I am really upset I except the fact I purchased the phone and knew of most of it's short falls but in the case of voice dialing and Bluetooth I just can't understand why Apple would not add the other bluetooth profiles support or voice dialing feature. The current hardware can support it and it only requires a software change. 3g or GPS is not an issue for me like most people I just wish they would turn on the features the current hardware...
You maybe be right about the statement. But I wanted the reader attention and the title got it. The point of this post was to make it clear to those that may want to use the iphone as part of a motorcycle coms system that it currently does not meet the needed requirements for that use.Just like voice dialing.No Stereo bluetooth or other profiles.For many people that ride motorcycles or drive cars these are key requirements in a phone.And yes you are right I drive...
You are just to funny.....
That is your choice. But it is not mine. I like to listen to music while I ride and and also be able to talk to others while I ride and this phone makes it very hard to do that.
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