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This cable does not address the problem in anyway. Trust me I did my research the hardware supports the bluetooth profiles. It is based on the OSX OS that supports all the profiles but Apple decided not to leave them in the OSX version they installed on the phone. As to how other features work inside the phone and all the options nothing to that level of detail has not been posted about the phone. And the reason for this post is to make it clear to anyone else...
I love this phone but I have gotten to the point I wished I never purchased it. As a motorcycle rider in today communications age you want to be able to use your phone on your motorcycle. For the millions of Harley owners out there in the world this phone will not interface into your bikes com systems like so many other phones can on the market. Because of it's non standard headset jack many other third party products also can't be used without spending 1000.00+...
The iphone currently does not support the bluetooth profiles needed. This could be corrected with a software update because the current hardware can support it.
First i want to say I love this phone but as a motorcycle rider I was hoping this one device was going to be the answer to my communication and music needs on my bike. With no support for A2DP I am left adding wires from my iPhone to my helmet just for music. I just can't understand how Apple could do this with this device when the music part is so important to it's business. It would also be nice if in the bluetooth setup provided an option you could set to auto...
I also am having the same thing happen with the new version.
My guess is no because your phone has been hacked, but you need to try anyway.
I can also proudly count myself as one.
It still will not work over an att edge network
I understand exactly what you are saying this is how my Safari works but I did a upgrade from Tiger and not a clean install my version is Version 3.0.4 (5523.10.6)The only other thing I can recommend is for you to get a dmg of it from a working MAC and put it on your system and see if that fixes the problem. I am sure it relates to the plist files that are part of the package contents.
I am not sure if anyone has added this to the request list but what would be really nice is some type of LED that blinks when the phone is not in use and you have a ical alarm, sms message, voice message or and email waiting so you did not have to always pickup the phone and check it to make sure you have not missed anything. just some type of blink light under the glass near the earphone as an example.
New Posts  All Forums: