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Is earthlink your ISP? http://discussions.apple.com/message...ageID=3249897# http://blogs.earthlink.net/2006/09/m...main_handl.php
I agree I would think that this data should be cached until the page is closed but that is not the case. I am with you I would like to see this changed if it could be.
What he can do is export his contacts using the palm one desktop software then import that data into the Mac's address book application then all his contact will/can be put on the iphone using itunes
This was posted by another person but I think it may help you.... guys... I've tried every solutions i've found in this and some other forums to let my leopard connected with windows PCs and i FOUND THE SOLUTION! now i can:- • browse for every computers (mac & pcs) on my network easily • connect to every computer with clicking on the list on finder SHARED sidebar what i did is: • reinstall leopard update 10.5.1 (...
I completely agree with your comment. No need to fight it out.....
click on the apple up on the menu thenabout this macthen more infothen click on Graphics / Displaysyou should see something like this:NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT: Chipset ModeltNVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT TypetDisplay BustPCIe PCIe Lane Widthtx16 VRAM (Total)t256 MB VendortNVIDIA (0x10de) Device IDt0x0391 Revision IDt0x00a1 ROM Revisiont3022 Displays:iMac: Display TypetLCD Resolutiont1920 x 1200 Deptht32-bit Color Built-IntYes Core ImagetHardware Accelerated Main...
You can do all of this by email without the SMS cost. See http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/97158 Send a message to your friend's mobile-phone-number-based email address and it'll get delivered as an SMS text message. Attach a picture to that email and it'll get delivered to your friend's mobile phone as an MMS message. Voila! You now have an MMS messaging equivalent. If only there was a nice and convenient compilation of wireless carriers' mobile phone email addresses....
Check this out it may help you.....http://www.eternalstorms.at/utilitie...bar/index.html
The iPhone will as soon as the 3rd party apps are done............ LOL
You can get past your ISP problem by setting your out going / SMTP server to cwmx.com and you will be able to send from your iPhone from your ISP account. Hope that helps.
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