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Need to reside at the same address to qualify would be the case. But it will work if that is not the case.
You may have to unlock it on the getinfo window down on the bottom and change the permissions read and write and then press the backspace like stated above.
Network Connect uses old crypto and ssl libs. It uses 0.9 instead of 0.9.7. Well, the Leopard install only installs PPC versions of these libs. there have been many posts on the net that say to do the following but this does not work: cd /usr/lib sudo*mv libcrypto.0.9.dylib libcrypto.0.9.dylib.ppc sudo ln -s libcrypto.0.9.7.dylib libctypto.0.9.dylib sudo*mv libssl.0.9.dylib libssl.0.9.dylib.ppc sudo ln -s libssl.0.9.7.dylib libssl.0.9.dylib and have caused...
I have been able to do this over the internet without any problems
iChat in 10.5 will let you do it.
One thing that will cause ball to show is if you are running time machine and have some type of VM OS like VMFusion because every time you make a change in your VM let's call it a WINDOWS VM it causes a change in the size of the virtual HD file stored on your apple file system that can be anywhere from 10gig and up. This makes time machine try and backup all that data every time a change is made.Case in point I start windows up and download a work emails in outlook. ...
Well I was able to get it working again I had to change the memory settings and then everything started to work again. I did send an email to them and the following is what they sent back to me:Hello,This is the official Parallels position on Leopard.http://parallelsvirtualization.blogs...p-leopard.htmlWe are going to release a special free update compatible with Mac 10.5.Please try to re-install Parallels Desktop following these steps:• Launch the Uninstall Parallels...
Well after the upgrade PARALLELS 3.0 is no longer working on my 24" iMac it crashes the iMac when you try and start it up.
Well I have to say I am happen with the new CAT... So far the only problem I have found is backup program from .mac does not seem to work correctly anymore but I am still looking for a work around. The other thing I am not sure I like is that the Airport Disk Drives don't auto connect and show up on the desk top.
That would be great!!!!
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