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Handbreak will rip most dvd's but many (Sony)/Newer DVD's it will not copy because of copy protection. First rip the DVD with MacTheRipper then use Handbreak on the ripped files to convert them to mp4 format for the iphone. FYI you need the current version MacThe Ripper for this to work.
I think you can also use Quicktime 7 (paid verson) to convert other files. For copy protected DVD I have found MacTheRipper works great on a Mac. I also use HandBrake (GREAT PROGRAM!!)
I like your site !!!!
Here is my work in progress : Miller's Garage
If you purchased your Mac on or after Oct 1, to the 26th you can get a free copy.
XP works at 100% capcaity YES Depending what you are doing you may want to look at VM Fusion so you can run both OS's at the same time.http://www.vmware.com/products/fusion/
Yep. I did!
Like the iPod that changed the Music biz the iPhone is going to change the Phone Biz it is just a matter of time.
Just an FYI the USA leads the world in putting dirt into the air and letting the fallout go over the rest of the world. Other than that I agree with everything you said.
Man give it a rest............ This has been beat to death! and Yes I like my iPhone and yes could it have more features at release. But the thing is it will because it was designed to be added to from a software stand point. So in time I am sure it will do EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED IT TO DO BASED ON THE HARDWARE IT IS RUNNING ON! And NO I DON'T MISS SPRINT!
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