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I use Parallels on a 24" iMac and have not had any problems with it. The updates that come seem to upgrade without issues when I have called them it has not been a problem and the documentation with the product is good. I have also seen the same reviews for VMware where they say it is better. But I have also seen that many people have needed help getting it setup right also. Parallels is painless to setup. I used to use Windows for everything but after moving to...
I get about 3 days out of my iphone with 1.1.1 using it moderately. Note: after I did the update to 1.1.1 the battery level did drop alot faster (dead in less than a day) I just soft reset the phone and have not had a problem from that point.
Well I would like a password manager that lives on my iPhone and not the web.
Yes as soon as it comes out!!!!
You are completely correct with 90% of what you stated above. The real question is are the features you are talking about going to come to the iPhone very soon. This is just software changes on the most part any many of these features will come in the form of firmware upgrades. As for 3rd party apps you will see those also they are going to be sold within iTunes and controlled by Apple. So by the time your case gets to a court it will not hold water anymore. This is...
I love it!!!!
I don't think the iPhone has a place in the settings that allows you to change any of those settings.
I remember making apps for Prime computers with only 16k of memory that ran complete companies. Just because we can make devices that can support 8gig of ram does not mean we as developers have to be bad programers and use all of it. You are showing your age by making remarks like this.
My guess is you will not see one until mid 2008.
Supply and Demand.... If we the public demand a product that can be manufactured.... Someone will make it and sell it. This is what makes the retail market work.....
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