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Good move but certainly not planned! If Apple planned to offer this coupon to existing iPhone owners, the details would pretty much be available on how to get your $100 coupon. This was a reaction and a good one at that.
That just doesn't make sense. I think there is a mistake in the specs. I suppose there's a small chance that there is a different battery in the UK version of the iPod Touch because of some local regulations on battery disposal or similar, but I'd guess that someone just got the spec wrong. Please do tell if you figure out this mystery.
I understand that the iPod Touch doesn't come with the Mail application. If you've just got to have the mail app, you can always buy and iPhone and not activate it on the AT&T net, then you've pretty much got a iPod Touch with wifi, but with mail!!
The 3rd gen nano is a superb product! I love the screen because it is so bright. I agree with the reviewers comment that Apple photos don't do it justice, see this product in person and you'll buy one!
I would advise you to call AT&T to clarify your roaming questions. I wouldn't assume a thing here about accidental roaming "over the border". i don't know of any features on the iPhone that would limit its ability to roam.
I really wish Apple would reconsider adding the mail app to the iPod Touch. In reality, having mail there only helps Apple long term in moving more people to Apple devices. In truth, one can buy an iPhone, not activate it, and use it with wi-fi and in a way you've got a iPod Touch plus.
I do think Apple made a brilliant move with the price cut of the iPhone. I for one am looking forward to a lot more iPhones on the street. Seems like Apple's strategy is to slam the competition in smartphone in the Xmas season and it will clearly work. The weak link here is the AT&T and not so much AT&T itself but the lack of choice with respect to others carriers.
New Posts  All Forums: