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I LOVED the click-wheel, the 4th Gen iPod is the biggest fail so far in Apple design, the one with the 4 buttons along the top, eugh!
I'm guessing it 'Curiosity', it's some subscription music service, I installed it once for about 5 minutes on my PS3 then got rid of it very quickly. I hate how there's no way to exit those PS3 channels back to the menu system without turning the freaking thing off and on.
"Year of iPad2" is a very clever, and probably last-minute, addition in the presentation that there's no iPad3 in 2011. It works on 2 levels; as a slogan for 98% of the population about domination and as a hidden message to the 2% of people who read blogs that there's no new device this year.
I hate Sony having had a lifetime of using their products, DVD players that refuse to play discs, PS3s that stop displaying video, proprietary storage/ media, that's all the guts of the machines but I have to say the enclosures are all really robust.
This thread reads like an Ayn Rand novel Steve is Henry Rearden.
You sure it wasn't an iPad that destoyed the house?
I just want to know what this means for the Kindle App.
Might want to add that Boxcar is one of Gruber's top apps, it was in Giz or Engadget, one of the tech blogs this week.
Can they hurry up about it, notifications are a laughing stock in iOS. Did you see the HP TouchPad notifications? it looked like Growl, very slick.
Angry birds though, ANGRY BIRDS.
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