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This story has absolutely nothing to do with the last para on Apple secrecy, this is an insider trading story, it happens to include Apple.
I just bought a MBP where's MY signed letter?
What's the update in the article?
So this is what that datacenter is for?
I'm running 4.2 GM, I just wonder: when I look at BBC iPlayer over a Mi-Fi device I can't see videos as it thinks I am on 3G. I seem to rememeber this nto being an issue before, unless iPlayer has changed. Could this be a 4.2 wi-fi problem?
Starting a new para with "This necessitates..." who the hell writes this stuff.
I had this with my first set of Dr Dre Beat earphones! I took it back to the Apple store the next day and swapped it for another, identical, pair which are fine, I've been using them for about 3 months now.
Perhaps an Apple logo on the roof will reduce the heat deflection, someone mentiond that as the reason for the white roof. For an industrial unit it's quite pretty isn't it, or it might just be the RDF making me think that.
New Posts  All Forums: