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what about transfer rates? it's mentioned once in the article, how will it be improved by this?
Is my MBP Retina covered?
I too only came here to type CircleJerk.
Why does he no longer pick up his phone? why has his social security no. been erased?!
Was Steve Ballmer available for a quote?
It's xenophobia mate. 
I'm posting this from a MBP Retina, delivered today, took 3 hours for Migration Assistant to finish and now I'm here.   I would stress the sound on this is SO much better than my previous MBP, it's amazing, I don't know how they did it but the sound is so expansive and punchy.  
it's only £2 /day for 3 years guys!
hah yeah "Sergey, I needs the pixels, man!"
The original article didn't say it was a render, it was updated later, (hence the "[u]").
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