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Saw this in Software Update on my 4S and thought my iPhone had become stupid as it already had 5.01, what's stopping them change the version number.
It's almost invisible/transparent in that rendering, is that really an intended result of having larger panes.
Porn's bad mkay?
That blue thing looks nice, let's wait to hear pricing. Are MS gonna subsidise the very living fuck out of these things.
Nice article, AI, glad you're scouring the news sources because I don't have time to.
best post I've ever read on AI
ok thanks, will give this a go.
hah I can see the ad "Control everything. Always."
the last time i watched a lot of TV i was at home sick and unable to speak *communicates with Apple TV through charades*
No, in your quest to be funny you missed the point that an ATV remote will also control any Macbook in the vicinity, nothing to do with pairing.
New Posts  All Forums: