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ok it might just be me but I prefer dedicated buttons, even dedicated input buttons which NO ONE seems to do, I even hate having to press 'Source' to scroll to my PS3, for example. I'm a dying breed.
I don't think Apple's stool can afford another hobby leg, TVs are white goods that really don't translate to Apple's philosophy.
holy crap, and to think I've been called a fanboy - I hope you're never allowed into the wild.
oh and maybe the Apple Remote will distinguish between devices? My MBP listens to the same one as my AppleTV, is there anyway to fix that?
if you think: click/up/click/down/right/right/right/select is some kind of genius UI paradigm then I don't know what to say.
No doubt it will have an Apple Remote, which I hate. There is no way on earth they will make a full remote, you will need to use an App and who wants to find their iOS device/ launch an app to change channel.
What do you think Siri is?
Question for AI forum: Do Gold Master versions expire? I am on iOS 5 GM and want to know if I need to update to the final build.
That's a nice spec but won't the battery on this thing struggle to last a day?
Look like I'll be skipping an iPhone generation.
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