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Seems like overkill but of course Apple don't have to pay retail for their iPads!
Calling anonymous. Come in anonymous
Imagine Steve heading a focus group! he'd ninja star them all to death.
TUAW has the skinny:http://www.tuaw.com/2011/05/03/targe...acs/2#comments
Yeah, still a lot less rabid than the big blogs sites though.
Hi, yes this is a workaround solution using an aftermarket box as HDMI is not natively supported. There's a few conversion boxes on the market, I have the Kanex XD, it takes an HDMI source and outputs to Displayport BUT the iMac only supports 720p. It's great for saving desktop space but I'm not sure if this year's iMac will 1) even support this 2) improve the resolution.
Does anyone know if this allows me to connect a PS3 at a resolution > 720p? I use a conversion box with my 2 year-old iMac for HDMI > DisplayPort but the 720p limitation is with the iMac.
weird seeing Scott mention jailbreaking by name, has that happened before, has an Apple exec said "jailbreaking"?
Anyone wanna trade for a black iPhone 4 with minimal scratching/ chips?
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