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This kind of money being shelled out should cover the cost of a few coffees at Starbucks for two
Dev team blog is also offline. I think they seal team 6'ed these guys. ....and a happy new year.....
Now that I have had a chance to play with Passbook and really understand what it has to offer right now, I see why its going so slow. The whole things is based on retailers who are able to scan 2D barcodes (which is what the barcodes on passcards are, be it QR or PDF419 etc.). 90% of all current retailers can NOT read this.  They are using traditional barcodes (UPS, code 39 etc) which is read with a laser scanner. Laser scanners can NOT read barcodes off an LCD screen,...
How about they are planning on porting iOS over to the desktop/laptop side. Then they start using their custom designed chips.   Dont tell me there isnt an iOS powered imac sitting in the lab.  And dont get me wrong, I am not talking about touch powered. It might have keyboard and cursor interface just as OSX has today on newly modified apps.
Not that there is anything to worry about if your a thief. Finding you on the new maps program will probably be as easy as finding a needle in a haystack
Scuffing issue? The guy went at it with his keys like he was playing a scratch off.  I bet if you take a hammer to the front the glass will crack too
I wantd to like this but playing with it yesterday im not so sure. No, actually I am sure.. it sucks. I know Apple probably has a huge team working on this and big plans for it in the future, but right now it feels like a .99 cent app. The flyover is OK but kind of useless as a functionality. With the sketchy and confused reviews of Passbook (not only because of Apple), I wonder if this could be the biggest blunder update yet. Im sure  the competition is ready to jump...
These guys are struggling to hold on to thier customers so they are desperate to have some sort of edge. They are losing customers left and right to Fios. Atop that , they are bigger crooks than anyone out there. I dont see any partnership happening in my opinion. Now,  a verizon/apple venture makes more sense. The network is already fiber and they can compete with google's beta project better. But as someone pointed out, all these providers are really direct competition...
I heard they patented the Jambalaya in the cafateria 3 days ago
Tonight, after you eat your dinner, take a shower, and watch the late show.... wait for the little hand on the clock to be on the "Three" and the big hand to be on the "One", Then click buy    Hope this helps
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