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Just to add ... When it comes to these issues there should be no difference between Jag and the other Mac OS Xes. As far as I know nothings changed at the core that would make a swap partition better or worse.
My wife is so smart. She asked the AV guys at work. They said she had to go to channel "aux" to get it to work. She remembered something about that when she bought it. So it turn out that by going into "add/edit" she was able to find that channel 91 is also "aux" and then added. [ 08-12-2002: Message edited by: scott_h_phd ]

That's kinky in a whole new way I've never considered :eek:
I know at least one UofC lawyer that is not evil. He's also not an asshole. Hummmm? I'll have to figure that one out. Paradox! Lawyers are literally ruining the country and they refuse to admit that they are out of control. They ruin peoples lives and don't care. As far as I know there's not a single group of lawyers willing to speak out about it. So **** them. They are evil and immoral.
I'm not a fan of the clean install either. I say skip it.
I must not have tried that combination. You see the "up/down" channel on the remote is no longer working. We'll see if the wife can get it working tonight. BTW no S-Video connector.
[quote]Originally posted by pyr3: What about FreeDOS? Doesn't that emu support graphics and sound?
Well maybe you could compile and boot for Mac PPC but you still have an X86 exe file to run.
Much more snappier than before.
Yea I don't know. I can't remember what I tried yesterday. I think the key is that for the VCR you go to channel 2 and then hit "down" but not to channel 1 but to get the "line" input. I can't remember if I tried that on the TV or not. I'm not at "home" this week. I told my wife to try that that but considering at one point in time yesterday she had the VCR and TV double hooked up and nothing going to the DVD player she may not be able to try it out.
6 Feet Under is heading south IMO.
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