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Safari does NOT seem faster than in iOS 6 :'-(
That rain was amazing... i couldn't walk a block without getting soaked... it brought people together, all huddled under whatever we could find!
hmm... i wonder what's been going on... and going wrong. how do you explain these problems??
i think what we need is the end of talk minutes and the end of text messages. EVERYTHING should simply be through LTE.... LONG TERM EVOLUTION, BABY!!!! All the plans could be simplified so much...
Okay, now why doesn't iBooks 3.0 have iCloud support with syncing over all devices including Macs? Why can't we Read a page on our iPhone, hop over to our Mac, and continue reading where we left off? Or maybe that will be What they will announce? Otherwise, I don't see much of a point in updating such a large version number. Dictated using Siri on an iPhone%u2026
is jony ive smiling? i can't tell...
haha... these days we aren't so much asking "what would aristotle say" as we are asking "what would steve jobs say". The guy was, besides an artist and a scientist, a philosopher.
Damn... someone up there made it sound like anyone with an internet connection could just download it... Ahhh, how I pine for the wonders of facebook integration...
it says it's not looking for new people...
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