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The 5c isn't going to excite people who line up for phones on day 1. It's going to kill it amongst the casual budget crew and Christmas buyers.
If he's a security researcher and not a hacker, why is he revealing real developers names and other info in a YouTube video? Seems best suited for a white paper or essay no?
1. XSan is kinda dead..  2. Mac Mini's with Thunderbolt work fine as XSan MDC's 3. XSan is kinda dead.. 
Meh.. It's cheap enough as is. Who's complaining about spending $29.99 to upgrade their entire freaking OS?
Would one who is unable to adapt not be considered weak?
I'd be socked if they release two models simultaneously. Their model has pretty much always been to keep the last gen model around for a discount and introduce the new model at the last gen model's price.
Good luck with that early termination fee....
Ah Shiite here come the quark people
That's what happens when you buy out your competition.. Not that macromedia was seriously competing with them. (Macromedia's stars were flash and dreamweaver and Adobe had everything else... now they just have everything)
So you're answer is also invalid and should be ignored? I think people can give a valid answer.. It's not THAT different from Aperture 2. I've been using Aperture for years. And yeah Aperture's not supposed to be like Photoshop. It's a workflow app and light editor and Photoshop is your retoucher.
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